University Business Center

The University Business Center (UBC) focuses on business development and outreach to the business community through professional development opportunities, student internship and practicum coordination, graduate placement assistance, relationships with business alumni, and publications related to activities in the School of Business. 

The best interests of both business and the FSU School of Business are served when we communicate and collaborate on our shared, fundamental goals.  The type of partnership envisioned through the UBC would mean the School of Business, in achieving its educational objectives and mission, would be even more informed and attuned to what potential employers want their new hires to know.

Employers would realize substantive advantages by bringing on board graduates who, because of their finely tuned preparation and competence, would be quicker to add real value to the enterprise.

The School of Business and our students might find their programs increasingly vital and relevant, and stronger rapport between these partners might foster even more interaction between students and the business world.

Through sustained, meaningful connections with the School of Business via the UBC, industry would also reap the benefits of closer ties to research, access to knowledge centers, and communication with intellectual leaders.  As a result of their invigorated growth and capacity, enterprises could, in turn, give back to their communities and stakeholders at an even higher level.

The UBC expects to provide high-quality professional development, executive education, consulting, and information resources to businesses throughout the State of West Virginia. Examples of these services may include: 

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning Consultation
  • Corporate Culture Research
  • Succession Planning
  • Facilitated Executive Retreats
  • International Customs, Cultures and Business Practices Training
  • Customer Service Research, Consultation and Training
  • Mentorship program
  • Custom Corporate Programs
  • Seminar Series
  • Lecture Series
  • Faculty “loan to business” program
  • Executive in Residence
  • Economic Impact Analyses
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research
  • Business Plans
  • Consulting Services
  • Professional Development