College of Business & Aviation Academic Advising

Kelly Sampson
Academic Success Coordinator
Education: B.S. in Business Administration Management, Fairmont State University; Master in Business Administration, West Liberty University
Office: 112 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304-367-4727

Kelly's primary responsibility is to assist all Freshmen and Freshmen Transfer students in the College of Business & Aviation as they begin their academic careers at Fairmont State.  Kelly works with students to help them develop academic, professional, and personal goals; design plans to achieve their goals; encourage students to strive for more.  Kelly follows the Appreciative Advising model as adopted by Fairmont State University.

Kelly also serves on the Fairmont Advising Network to strengthen advising skills across the Fairmont State campus; is the social media manager and webmaster, as well as the Special Events Coordinator for the College of Business & Aviation.

Freshman and Incoming Transfer Students

All incoming freshmen and transfer students will have Kelly Sampson, the Academic Success Coordinator, for their academic advisor.  Kelly will meet with you to discuss registration for classes for your first two semesters at Fairmont State, develop academic plans and goals, and assist with the transition into college. 


Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are all assigned a faculty advisor based on their program of study.  Faculty advisors are a great resource for you to talk about your professional goals.  They can assist you with picking out courses, guiding you in a career, or even writing a letter of recommendation.

To Identify Your Advisor

  1. Log into your MyFairmontState account
  2. Select 'FELiX'
  3. Select 'I Agree'
  4. Select 'Student and Financial Aid'
  5. Select 'Student Records'
  6. Select 'View Student Information'
  7. Look for 'Primary Advisor'