Visa Requirement

All international students applying for admission to the United States must hold valid passports and entry visas. Upon acceptance of a non-immigrant foreign citizen, Fairmont State will issue form I-20 (a certificate of eligibility) which is required before application can be made to obtain a student visa. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the United States consulate in his/her country and consular district and apply for a non-immigrant visa. This will require a personal appearance before the consular officer, completion of non-immigrant application form, and the provision of other documents that the consular officer may require in order to be satisfied that the applicant is eligible for the visa for which he or she is applying. Applicants will be required to present documentary evidence of financial support in the amount indicated on the form I-20. Please note that this process must be initiated immediately after receipt of the certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant student status. Students admitted to the United States with a non-immigrant student visa (F-1 Classification) are required to be enrolled as full-time students and carry a minimum course load of twelve credit hours during regular semesters. F-1 students will also be required to complete their educational program within the time period indicated on form I-20. To earn a bachelor’s degree students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credit hours or 60 for an associate’s degree.