Tulasi & Marilyn Joshi Office for Educational Pathways for International Centers and Students

To say that we live in an increasingly global society has become almost a cliché. That doesn’t make the statement any less true–a fact that becomes more evident with each passing day. To be successful in the 21st century as an individual, as an institution, as a corporation, or as a country will require a global awareness, a truly multicultural sensitivity, and an appreciation for the strengths that diversity brings to any society. As an institution, we will continue our commitment and support for international education–to continue to internationalize our curriculum, to continue to welcome international students to our campus and to send our native students abroad. Fairmont State currently has collaborative agreements with Japan, Italy, and South Korea. We hope you will choose to come to Fairmont to further your education and to experience and enrich our culture.

Our international programs are focused through the efforts of the International Student Advisor, the Director of International Education, and the Faculty Committee on International Education. We know that you will find here, a deep sense of community—a faculty and staff committed to providing you with a safe, friendly, student-centered campus and high quality academic programs.

Mission Statement

We strive to encourage international student success in all aspects of their academic and campus life through high ethical standards, a desire to help others, and a spirit of open-mindedness.