Honors Spotlight

The Honors Spotlight draws attention to the good work being done in our community and out in the world by Honors alumni, current Honors students, and faculty/staff who support the Honors Program. Is there someone associated with the Honors Program that deserves our recognition? Please submit nominations for future Spotlight recipients below!


Dr. Nathan Myers

How long have you been involved in the Honors Program and in what capacity do you support the Honors Program?

I can’t remember a time at Fairmont State when I wasn’t involved in the Honors Program, so my first Honors class must have come soon after my arrival in 2015. The Director of Honors at the time, Dr. Robert Baker, who also happened to be my department Chair, was always incredibly kind and encouraged my involvement. Many courses, events, and trips later, I continue to support the Honors Program however I can; it is an invaluable part of our university.

In your estimation, what is the value of an Honors education for our students?

The smaller, more intimate nature of Honors courses allows some really special communities and friendships to develop each semester. Some students come into Honors thinking that the courses will be harder. Speaking for myself, an Honors education isn’t about that at all. Rather, it’s about creating and facilitating environments that enable students to get the most out of their education and time at Fairmont State.

What are some of your favorite or most impactful memories regarding your time with the Honors Program at Fairmont State?

There are many. As someone who loves to explore the world and get to know people, the trips to Boston, New Orleans, and Rome are pretty hard to beat. But I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by some truly wonderful students every year, so my favorite memories come from the relationships that form, and the special conversations I get to have with students in and out of the classroom every semester; education goes both ways, and I still have a lot to learn too.

Do you have any advice to share with current Fairmont State Honors students?

Yes. Go easy on yourself. In my experience, Honors programs sometimes house a particular kind of personality, and these individuals can push themselves pretty hard sometimes. Drive and ambition can be really productive, but they can also overwhelm and distract from more important things. While grades matter to some extent, they can also be very unreliable indicators of learning. So carve out a career path because what you do brings you joy, and prioritize your mental health. Balance, in all things.

Why the Spotlight?

Dr. Myers was nominated for the spotlight by Fairmont State Honors student Molly Simpson, who had this to say: "Dr. Myers creates an energetic, informative, and fun learning environment. He incorporates real-life issues into his curriculum tastefully and pairs these topics with an admirable amount of humor and personality. I have him for Honors Written English II, and this has been my favorite class to date at Fairmont State. His unique take on the content makes the class refreshing and enjoyable to attend!"