Recycling Program

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 09:25 -- sewm02

Recycling Program

STAND's efforts in creating a sustainable recycling program for campus (STAND)

12/11/07 Recycling Meeting, 121 Hardway Hall (Cancelled - Internal Discussion Followed)

Planned Attendance Today: • Jim Decker and Tom Tucker, Physical Plant (gas leak crisis –regrets) • Chris Warnick, Kevin Smith, Erica Harvey, Don Trisel.

Allied Waste: $250 per month rent and $220 per haul if we want to get the trailer from them.

WeSHRED group, maybe from Buckhannon, shred paper right on campus.


Locations of trailers: Wallman Hall (not level, so if on wheels it will need chocking); behind Falcon but maybe too small for two; van is usually parked there. Where are the other dumpsters/compactors/bins on campus? Parking lot by practice field? Have a trailer off the turnaround by Falcon? Divide locations into zones based on expected use.

Could we use a compactor with our bins? Or would we need to get another compactor? Especially plastic and maybe cardboard.

What materials: cardboard, cans/steel, plastics 1 and 2, newspaper, office paper, aluminum, glass? Figure out if just corrugated cardboard, or other boxes also.

Compactors - we have four different trash compactors and bins on campus that Allied regularly picks up. If separate out the recyclables, will need more. There are up to four types of bins on each big trailer.

RecycleMania: a way to weigh? Include the paper they are taking out.

Bins in buildings: purchase with grant?

Emptying by op shop employees?

Final fate of materials? Details of our contracting. Allied Waste not taking our paper now. Years ago they had recycling trailers at PPlant but weren’t being used.

Education: clarify and clearly post, help everyone do it right. How to publicize. Pseudo 3D map?

Help from PPlant to refurbish trailers – welding, painting, wiring for MCSWA.

Pay one of our employees to drive to Morgantown – Mon County Recycling Center.

12/14/07 Recycling Meeting, 121 Hardway Hall

Jan Smith, Jim Decker, Tom Tucker, Chris Warnick, Don Trisel, Dan Bradley, Barb Fallon, Erica Harvey, Kevin Smith

Don - could be quite cost-effective to reduce trash by 1/3. MCSWA willing to loan 2 trailers

Possibilities for citing?

Personnel to do basic welding and wiring for trailers?

Also - brainstorming: if we are already paying to take out trash, could we have them take it out in separate categories, like separate-colored bags.

Want to do it so it doesn't create a lot of extra work. For example, if we have bins set aside and have certain color bags in them. Don hoping custodial staff will be able to help with this project. Pplant would then pick up different colored bags and have to sort on hill.

Jim - will get a whole lot more plastic than glass and paper. Won't get as much glass. Could relable the containers.

When full, we take to Mon County Recycling Center, closest to take bulk goods. Westover area.

Dan will agree to pay $100 per delivery. That is when they pick it up for us.

Renegotiate a contract with Allied Waste, or a deal with MC that we could piggyback on, to get the price down to $100.

But if we had an employee who could do 2 hours plus gas money, could get by with $50.

Tom - currently taking shredded paper to East Side somewhere, the Fiber Resources or Mountain State metal. Also doing the metals - aluminum, steel, iron. Looks like junk up at PPlant.

Don - we are planning for applying for grants. Deadline of July 1. Could ask for money for a bin to hold the metals too.

Chris and two other students will do a URP proposal to survey on attitudes and practices and flows now and see how they change after a year.

Tom - right now 4 buildings on campus trying to get Energy Star certificate on! Already saving in those areas. Only looking residence halls and certain offices.

Will take extra manpower.

Dumpster John has is compacting. Just one bin. Three of those on campus, all rented from BFI for x a month, plus pickup each time they come back.

We have been doing RecycleMania for a couple of years, in library. Want to do the project again but expand to whole campus. Push to get trailers on for Jan.

Fraction of John's waste that is cardboard?

Mountain State bales the cardboard. Could be part of the grant proposal.

Possible in grant to write for personnel? Jan contacted by other agencies to do recycling for them. But she doesn't have enough people yet. If we could write for people, she might be able to do it for us as well as other agencies. They could even do the deliveries. WV office complex, plus three other agencies in Marion County. More employees for Op Shop.

Barbara - City of Fairmont also interest in partnering with us.

Dan - any incentive in state for creating Op Shop jobs. Rehab services. could do as a placement, a little different funding stream.

Barbara - working with Donna Nuzum on the Service Learning piece, and they are interested in partnering if students are involved. Could initiate the idea of student involvement via Service Learning.

Kevin - just got an email from a student and was interested in class project for recycling.

Barbara - Marketing people could study the issues through marketing, Sociology could do surveys.

Jan - connect with WVU for information and to learn what they are doing.

Barbara - Matt Deligatti is on the City Council and also familiar with what is going on at WVU because he is still a student there.

Don - meeting of Solid Waste Authority Monday night. If we have a proposal, they would vote on whether we could use the two trailers for the next year.

Jim and Tom need to see the trailers before they could commit to taking them. Don will get this set up for Mon. morning or even over the weekend and Jim and Tom will go with Don, or Don can just give the locations to them.

Going to start a pilot project in HB and JH in January anyway. Changing the way they do custodial, and part of that is the chemicals used - going green. So already retraining.

Jennifer Okin very involved in Energy Star - will know in January. Erica will get together with her.

Erica and Jan will work on web page for the green pilot in HB and JH.

Space for trailers: Pad outside Wallman, drain under it goes directly to sewer system instead of stormwater. conduits still there but wiring maybe gone. Power still there.

Put some receptacles in the parking garage. There is a huge amount of trash collected in there.

Jan - has connections at other places that have asked. Maybe a separate grant and selling to us (North American, Phillips, Ruskin and Novelis all interested in making contacts.)

Chris works at Novelis and they are willing to donate some money to our program as well.

Don - what are the biggest concerns? Manpower, space. Recycling and saving energy is a good thing, saving money for school. But space. Attractiveness of the trailers. Cost of vehicle to take them. Manpower. Forklifts, bundle, move, (equipment and operator.)

Dept of Energy with state - will match $30,000 for ballasts and change of bulbs. And part of it can be labor - part of your match can be in-kind labor.

A lot of our buildings have the energy savings bulbs now. Starting to pay off. HVAC on schedules and setbacks when not in session.

Energy bills also from Jennifer. We have them per building. All part of the building utilization program she has set up.

Already separate pickup for the paper.

Weighing in and out.

Get a weight on the paper. Ticket in and out. Tom would check with Brian about where the tickets are.

Already recycling metals also. Could we piggyback on that?

Problem right now is getting to the collection site.

Cardboard could be taken more locally.

Compactors very expensive - rails, pad, particular power requirements.

When set up, if anything would get wet, have to have sewer system drain.

As people move out of dorms at graduations, the trash increases dramatically. Salvation Army for recycling.