MVB Bank and Fairmont State University partnership continues to thrive

Monday, May 13, 2019

Every good partnership includes mutual respect and opportunities for both parties to succeed. For Fairmont State University and MVB Bank, the two have been working towards those goals and improving their communities along the way. 

Larry Mazza, CEO of MVB Bank, said the partnership between the two is important not only for the instutitutions but for the communities they serve as well. Since the bank came to be, it has been involved with the University as a donor, an educator, and an employer. 

“Fairmont State is one of the most important institutions in North Central West Virginia, especially for Harrison and Marion counties,” he said. “It not only provides great employees but is a big part of the economic engine, by providing jobs, jobs through the degrees students earn but also having the students and all the economics that come from them for our county.” 

While MVB was born in Fairmont, Mazza said they have started to really expand beyond that. 

“We have started to evolve way outside those boundaries, really coast-to-coast with our client base, especially with financial technology,” he said. “We still support our local communities though. We get our profits nationally but we spend our money locally.” 

Mazza said if it helps Fairmont State, it helps the community which in turn not only helps their clients but their teams. That’s just one of the reasons they are behind the annual MVB/Fairmont State Athletic Association Golf Tournament. 

“Athletics have helped a lot of young ladies and young men to continue to evolve and develop. It provides entertainment for the community sand a the spirit of competition and success,” he said. "We were playing for the national championship a couple years ago and that brings a lot of notoriety and positive press to North Central West Virginia. We support and want to be a part of that, it’s important to our communities which we serve.”

Not only has MVB supported and been involved with the Fairmont State Athletics, they have had several members to serve on the Fairmont State Board of Governors, including Mazza who served as board chair for six years. 

The 27th annual MVB/Fairmont State Athletic Association Golf Tournament will be held on Friday at Bridgeport Country Club. Registration begins at 11:30 a.m. with a shotgun start at 12:30 p.m. 

MVB Bank was formed on October 30, 1997, chartered under the laws of the State of West Virginia and commenced operations on January 4, 1999. Currently, there are 12 Bank offices in West Virginia and three in Virginia.