Request to Stay Form

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To align with the academic calendar, all residence halls will close on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at noon  for cleaning and sanitizing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being in an extended housing contract, a Pierpont Community and Technical College student, or a student participating in graduation you will not automatically be permitted to stay in your residence hall room past April 24. The University will have limited resources available to students after this date.

If you would like to request to stay past the closing date, you must fill out an electronic Request to Stay Form no later than April 9, 2021 at 4 p.m. with the dates you need to stay on campus.  Only students who receive permission to stay via email from The Office of Housing and Residence Life are permitted to stay later than the April 24 move-out date. 

During this time, on-campus residents are reminded of the health concerns related to COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite the situation, if you wish to remain on campus, you must complete this form. 

Please understand the following:

  • Resources on campus will be limited. 
  • Dining Services will be limited. 
  • Student Health Services will only be open during operational hours. 
  • You are taking responsibility for your own health, understanding that you will be living in a community of other people.
  • Guests, overnight or daytime, are not permitted.
  • By completing this form, you agree, that in the event that you start to show any cold/flu-like symptoms, you are required to report these symptoms immediately. This expectation must be followed if you remain on campus, even if you don't have medical insurance. This may result in quarentine. By continuing to live on campus, you understand that you will have to take on this potential medical financial circumstance. 
  • All Housing and Residence Life policies will remain in place. Violation of any policy will result in your immediate removal from the residence halls. 
  • You acknowledge that the University cannot eliminate the risk associated with exposure to or contraction of COVID-19 while on campus.
  • By completing the Request to Stay Form, you understand and agree to the terms listed above. Failure to meet these terms will result in immediate removal from the residence halls.
If you live in University Terrace, don't forget to let us know your building,