Intramural Sports

The Department of Intramurals offers organized sport activity for all Fairmont State University employees and all students who are enrolled in on-campus classes, and not currently involved in a varsity sport.

All students are encouraged to participate in the intramural sports program, whether in team or individual activities. Participants (teams) may be from residence halls, organizations, sororities, fraternities, or independent groups of individuals.

It is the goal of the department to promote competition, camaraderie, and physical fitness while encouraging sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for competition. Intramurals assist in developing self-confidence, courage, and the ability to work as a team. The program encompasses a variety of sports ranging from flag football, softball, spades, and corn hole, just to name a few. We hope to see you on the field or court!


Register your team using IMleagues. Help out your fellow Falcons and remind them to register their account ASAP! All participants must have a registered account to create or join an Intramural Team! This is for all team sports. You do not have to register in IMLeagues to play an individual night event.

NOTE: When registering, you will use your Fairmont State or Pierpont username and the password associated with it (the same one you use to get into BlackBoard or your myCampus account).

For instructions on how to use IM Leagues, click here.


Spring 2017 Single Night Events

Click above to see the many single night events offered through Intramurals.

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Basketball A Division

Basketball B Division
3v3 Tournament

REMINDER: Any time campus is closed due to weather or other emergencies, all Intramural events are also canceled.  This is true even if the Falcon Center remains open.

REMINDER: All Team Captains MUST attend the weekly Intramural meetings each week that their team is involved in the semester league. Teams will NOT be placed on the schedule until a representative from the team attends the captains meeting.

Congratulations to our Semester CHAMPIONS!

Spring 2017
Bowling— Chris Barnes (244)

Foul Shooting—Issak Wilmoth (24)

3 pt. Shootout—Tiger McKinsey (16)

Ping Pong—Ammar Alawami

Cornhole—Logan Orton & Jordan Grimmet

NCAA Men’s Bracket Challenge— Zachary Trembly                           
NCAA Women’s Bracket Challenge— Amanda Metcalf

Basketball A Division:  One Last ShirtTyler Groves, Buddy Groves, Chad Howdeshelt, Easton Hutton, Mitchell Koch, Spencer Murphy, Wesley Scott,  Marc Vero, Bryant Western 
Stat Leaders A Division:  Jacob Delaney—highest avg. pts/game (19.45)  Mitchell Koch—total pts scored (265)  Jacob Casalinuova –highest avg 3 ptrs (3.7) Adam Lewis—total 3’s (41)

Basketball B Division:  TribeDerek Barnett, Lance Beck, Julian Caesar Pecora, Matthew Cessna, Patrick Ellis, Kyle Gerkin, Gregory Hinton, Quentin Mouser, Isaiah Simon, Joshus Skidmore 
Stat Leaders B Division: Matthew Cessna—highest avg. pts/game (21)  Bryant McCannon—total pts scored (235)  Braden Hammond –highest avg 3 ptrs (4.57) Cordell Knittle—total 3’s (44) 

3v3 Basketball Tournament:  Buckets Troy Cantrell, Manny Ivey, Brandon Boyd, Franz Evering, Joshua Ballard 
Stat Leaders:  (A) Ty Dobson—highest avg pts/game (19.25) total pts (77), highest 3’s avg (4.8), total 3’s (19)  (B) Issak Wilmoth—highest avg pts/game (16.5) Mitchell Koch—total pts (72) Alec Moran Highest 3’s avg (2.6), total 3’s (13)

Softball:  The MajesticsMatthew Cesna,  Lance Beck , Brandon Bukovesky, Julian Caesar Pecora, Brodie Currence, Jordan Grimmett, Buddy Groves, Logan Orton, Isaac Pifer, Travis Smith
Stat Leaders:  Home Runs/Game—Stefan Priester (1.29), total HR (9)  Runs/Game—Matthew Cessna (2.62), total runs (21)

Strong Man/Woman:  Isaac Pifer  /  Colleen Newsome
Weight Class Winners:  Alyssa Welling, Colleen Newsome, Tyler McKinney, Derek Wright, Isaac Pifer, Bernie Northrop, Zach Stanley


Spring Participation Award:  Buddy Groves     4 sports, 32 gamess



All intramural photos are on the Intramural Facebook page.

Also, there is a Twitter that you can follow for more information on Intramural sports.