Campus Card Services


ID Card 2013   


Mission Statement

The mission of the Campus Card Services is to provide support to all students, staff, and faculty in all areas of operation relating to their ID Card. We are committed to providing a safe and secure identification system that meets the needs of all involved. Our goal is to expand our services in an efficient and convenient way with a user-friendly and customer-oriented approach.

Obtaining Your First ID Card

You will need to bring either a driver's license, a state ID, military ID, or a passport for identity verification (a ID will not be issued without a valid form of photo identification).

You can visit any of the following locations to have a ID Card issued:

Campus Card Services
Falcon Center - First Floor
1201 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV  26554
(304) 368-7227
ID issuingMonday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Director’s office hours: 8am-4pm         
The Gaston Caperton Center Teaching & Learning Commons
501 West Main Street
Clarksburg, WV  26301
ID issuing:  Monday-Friday: 8am-3:30pm


  • Hours/days are subject to change for compass testing, lunch break, or technical difficulties.
  • Do not hole punch your card!

Replacement ID Cards

Replacement of lost, damaged, or stolen ID Cards can be issued at Campus Card Services located in the Falcon Center and at the Gaston Caperton Center Library. There is a replacement fee of $20.

Identity will be verified with the picture that is on file as well as your address; but we will reserve the right to ask for identity documentation if there’s any issue or concern (difference in appearance, etc.).

Student Information - ID Card

Your ID Card is your official Fairmont State University identification. It is required for the following:

  • The libraries
  • Recreation Center (dependent on class registration and fee assessment)
  • Parking Garage - bottom levels only (dependent on class registration and fee assessment)
  • Dorm Access—Students who will be residing in Bryant Place Dormitory and University Terrace Appartments may have access to their residence hall through their ID Card
  • To attend all campus activities and athletic events
  • Traditional Meal Plans with Flex Dollars (purchase required) - Students that reside in the dorms are required to purchase a meal plan. College park tenants have the option to purchase a meal plan*
  • Commuter Meal Plans (purchase required) -Commuting students may choose to purchase from three options, each of which offers a certain number of meals per week in the Dining Hall (30, 40, or 50)*

*Please note that any remaining Meals and/or flex dollars will be deleted from your ID card at the end of semesters for traditional meal plans and commuter meal plans. 

Faculty & Staff Information - ID Card

Your ID Card is your official Fairmont State University identification. It is required for the following

  • The libraries
  • Recreation Center (membership dues required)
  • Parking Garage (decal purchase required)
  • To attend all campus activities and athletic events.
  • To access various buildings/departments

 *Dependent on what building/department your work in and/or need access to.

Falcon Dollars (Pre-Paid ID Dollars)

Falcon Dollars is a pre-paid declining balance on your ID Card.

FSU students, faculty, and staff can add money to their ID Card at FSU Student Services, located in The Turley Center (304-367-4141 or 304-367-3748). Pierpont Community and Technical College students, faculty, and staff can add money to their ID Card at PC&TC Student Services in Hardway or by calling 304-367-4907. They accept cash, check, and credit cards (by phone or in person).

Once money is applied, it may take between 1-3 hours for your ID Card to be activated with these funds. These funds rollover term to term. A refund may be requested at anytime.

Falcon Dollars can be used for at the following services around campus:

  • The Nickel
  • Starbucks Coffee Shop (located in the library)
  • Dining Hall
  • Wasabi
  • Sub Stand
  • Library Circulation Desk
  • Copy Center


The ID Card is the official photo identification for Fairmont State University. Card holders must be prepared to show or surrender their card to University/College officials upon request. ID Cards are prohibited from being altered. Fairmont State University shall not be held liable for any loss, cost, damage or expense, whether physical, financial, psychological or otherwise, suffered or incurred by the cardholder in connection with or in any way related to the use or attempted use of the cardholders’ ID Card by the cardholder or any other party. The University/College will confiscate any ID Card that has been misused, duplicated, or altered. ID Cards may be retained temporarily while their validity is checked. A cardholder must possess only one ID Card. The use of the ID Card by any person other than the person to whom it was issued, or under false pretenses, including changing or attempting to change the validation, is in violation of University/College policies (current or future) and will be dealt with accordingly. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to protect and maintain the condition of their card and ensure that the card works properly. The cardholder is responsible for all uses of the card and is liable for loss or damage. Rights and privileges associated with the card are nontransferable.

*All information is subject to change*