Creative Sustainability Council

Creative Sustainability Council is an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty, and staff members who collaborate actively with members of the local community and other partners on student-led sustainability projects and grant proposals. Creative Sustainability Council is also a registered student organization on campus with opportunities for student leadership development  We invite anyone interested to get involved with us. Meetings are typically 2 p.m. on the third Friday of the month. No experience is needed.  

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Creative Sustainability Council offered a broad list of events and activities you could do to celebrate Earth Day throughout the month of April, 2022.

  • See our checklist of activities
  • Some were events on a specific date, like joining the Spirit Week litter pickup on April 7 and plan-making on April 1. Other activities could be done any time, like joining a litter pickup challenge for the month, and taking a selfie when you visit sustainability sites on campus like the solar panels and EV chargers.
  • Submit pictures of yourself engaging in at least three activities from the list and you will be entered to win creatively sustainable prizes at our Kahoot! competition on Earth Day, April 22.  Submit your entries here.
  • Interested in more Earth Day activities and ideas?  See our 2021 Earth Day activities:

Campus Sustainability Initiatives

Glass Crushing

To schedule an appointment with our Sustainability Liaison to come in and recycle your glass into sand, fill out this Glass Crushing Appointment Form.

You are welcome to take your sand and use it at home if desired. Beverage bottles, pasta sauce, or oil bottles are all fine. Labels do not have to be removed, but please remove metal lids and rings. Sticky bottles, light bulbs, and large glass items can NOT be accepted.


Aladdin and Facilities employees are collaborating to recycle our dining hall food waste into compost for the campus, in the new Sustainability Pavilion behind the Falcon Center.

Sustainability Liaison

A work-study position for students interested in helping with sustainability initiatives on campus.

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Flyer from Spring 2021

Electric vehicle chargers 

J1772 type destination chargers are available for use by the campus community and registered under PlugShare.  Two parking spaces, designated with green paint, are available above the solar panels and just outside the elevator tower to the library.

    Solar Panels

    Fairmont State has an array of 32 solar panels next to the library, which helps to offset the energy usage of our sustainability initiatives as well as some of the library energy usage.  The panels, whose output is public and can be used by teachers and students across the state, were funded by the College of Science and Technology and by grants from Dominion Energy, and the WV Department of Education's Earth and Space Science Passport grant.

    Creative Sustainability Proposals

    We encourage students, staff, and faculty to submit proposals for funding an on-campus or local sustainability project. We will consider any ideas, large or small.  Please fill out the pre-proposal form to share your idea.

    Fairmont State University receives grant for Campus Sustainability Projects

    Fairmont State University’s Creative Sustainability Council was awarded a grant of $27,120 from the Appalachian Stewardship Foundation to implement two sustainability initiatives - food composting and glass crushing - on campus during 2020-2021. These initiatives have been designed in partnership with Aladdin Food Service and the Fairmont State Foundation.

    West Virginia Virtual Earth Day Celebration - April 22, 2020 - 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

    Creative Sustainability Council partnered with Charley Hively, Fairmont State Library, and many others across West Virginia, to host a 2020 Virtual Earth Day celebration with links to organizations and activities from all over the state, including those organized by the Council.

    The resource collection remains available and most events were recorded.  Please visit the site!

    News Story on Virtual Earth Day 

    Fairmont State University’s Creative Sustainability Council invites students, faculty, and staff to propose sustainability initiatives for the campus and/or local community that integrate creativity, evidence-based science, and strong design principles.  The Council will support proposal development and preparation, evaluate proposals, and recommend support for promising projects, with funding made available through the Suarez Professorship Award (via the Fairmont State Foundation). 

    Inspired by the “hedonistic sustainability” work of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, the Council seeks proposals for fun, imaginative, and community-enhancing sustainability projects, so that people will actively want to engage in and promote sustainability practices. We are particularly interested in projects with an interdisciplinary approach that encourages people to use their unique talents and ingenuity to enhance our campus and local community, and make the world enjoyably livable now and for future generations.


    Creative Sustainability Council members visiting Marshall University Sustainability Department, hosted by Amy Parsons-White.

    Columns Article about Plastic Bags into Sleeping Mats initiative

    Proposal Process

    The council would be delighted to work with you on developing an idea to fruition. Please submit an idea to our Google form (it also contains some more information).

    This brief pre-proposal indicates your interest in proposing a creative sustainability project for funding by the Creative Sustainability Council (which is supported through the Abelina Suarez Professorship).  A member of the Council will contact you to discuss your proposal. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

    Preference will be given to:

    • Projects that need seed money to become financially self-sustaining or even revenue-generating, to help perpetuate the Council’s work after the award period.
    • Projects for which some form of cost-sharing (e.g. in-kind labor, Kickstarter fund-raising) is provided.
    • Projects involving interdisciplinary teams.
    • Fun, engaging projects that truly embody the idea of creative sustainability.
    • Projects that include a strong communications/visibility plan.

    Some sample ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

    • Wildflower garden and terracing around solar panels
    • Compile data about campus energy use and waste management practices to identify areas for improvement
    • Solar powered lights for dark areas of campus
    • Crayola ColorCycle for marker recycling
    • Straw bale house demo