Contact Information - Adjunct Faculty

DEPARTMENT LEGEND: The "Department" column provides basic location information for the mailroom and others who may need to know where adjunct faculty members can be found.


CH, Colebank Hall CC, Gaston Caperton Center, Clarksburg MV, Monongalia County Vo Tech
ED, Education Bldg. BC, Barbour County PC, Preston County
ET, Engineering Tech Bldg. BX, Braxton County  
FC, Feaster Center CL, Calhoun County PO, Pocahontas County
HB, Hardway Hall CA, Clinical Affiliate, Hospitals PS, Public Schools
HH, Hunt Haught Hall DC, Doddridge County RC, Randolph County
JH, Jaynes Hall FE, Fred Eberly Tech, Upshur County RT, Tygart Valley--Evening
LI, Library LW, Lewis County TV, Televised Course
TC, Turley Center MT, Robert C. Byrd Aerospace Center TY, Taylor County Vo Tech
WH, Wallman Hall   WVU, West Virginia University

Correctional Centers:

HCC Huttonsville Correctional Center     KC Kennedy Center    PR Pruntytown Correctional Center    

Weekend College:  WEC

Virtual Campus:  VC (Online Courses)

Center for Workforce Education: CWE

Last Name First Name Department Email Address
Absher Sidney WH Technology
Adlington Stephanie WH Fine Arts
Albright Lucy JH Academic Studies
Allen G. David HB Behavioral Science
Allen Sharon BC
Ammons Janet JH Language & Literature
Amos Reid WH Fine Arts
Anderson Michael
Anderson Mike LW
Andrew Kelli BC
Angeline Mary JH Academic Studies
Arbogast Gary LW
Arnold Lisa LW
Ashcraft Troy JH Academic Studies
Ashton John "Jack" WH Fine Arts
Aycoth Edward CC
Bagby Wesley HB Social Sciences
Baldwin Michelle FE
Bandy James LW
Banks Roger
Barb Michelle RC
Barlow William PC
Barnett                 Denver RC
Barrett Joel JH Language & Literature
Bartolo Ernie MV
Batson D. Chuck LW
Baxter Teresa PS--Fairmont Senior HS
Baur Alexandra B. HH Science & Math
Beall Gary CL
Beckner Ronald ED Health & Human Services
Belmear Michael 309a Colebank Hall
Bennett Jessica MV
Bennett Tina VC; JH Business Technology
Bern Thomas PS--Preston County HS
Bickerstaff William FAL Falcon Center
Binegar David CC
Blake Bascombe MV
Blankenship Retta HCC
Bock Shana
Bock Carol CH  Business Technology
Boland Bruce CC
Bolyard Jason VC; HH Science & Math
Bonasso Cristina JH Academic Studies
Bonnett Raymond FC Health & Human Performance
Boutwell Donna BC
Boutwell Joseph BC
Bowyer Richard HB Behavior Science
Bradley Cheri ED Education
Brady Jane LW
Brand Nicole JH Academic Development
Bright Julie CC
Broadwater Timothy WH Technology
Brock Miriam JH Language & Literature
Brookover Ginger MV
Broslawsky James CC
Brown Carol ED Health & Human Services
Brown Helen ED Health & Human Services
Brown Jennetta JH School of Business
Brown Shirley PS
Buckland Jennifer ED Human Services
Burch Robert LW
Burdoff JoDonna VC; ED Education
Burns Ann PS--Fairmont Senior HS
Bush David LW
Bush Patricia LW
Butcher Brandon VC; HH Science and Math
Butcher James CC
Cain Laurie CC
Campbell Russelle JH Academic Development
Capuder Drew WH Fine Arts
Carder Hillarey MV & PC
Carman Jessica ED Human Services
Carpenter Ashley ED Human Services
Carr Adam LW
Carr Michael CH Business
Carson John HH Science & Manth
Casdorph Heather ED Human Services
Cassell Rosa JH 206f
Chadwell Samantha ED Health & Human Services
Charnes Phyllis CC
Cheek Merilly CC
Chenoweth Tracy CC
Christensen Kyle HB Social Sciences
Chopyak Anne LW
Cicero Briana LW
Cimino James PS--Fairmont Senior HS
Cirolia Kristen ED Human Services
Clark Barbara PS--Clay Battelle HS
Clark Sara ED Health & Human Services; CC
Clayton Jack CC
Clayton Thomas CC
Clem Debbie LW
Clifton Cassie JH Academic Studies
Cline Robert BX
Clonch Robert MV
Coffindaffer Mark CC
Coffman Amy LW
Coffman J. Michael LW
Cohen Jonathan ED Health & Human Services
Colebank Nancy ED Education
Collins Linda ED Education
Composky Christopher (Mike) ED
Conley Beverly MV
Conley Michael
Conley Patrick WH Fine Arts
Conner Kathleen WH Fine Arts
Connor Beverly CC
Constante Melissa MV
Corbin Randall Human Services
Cottrill Charles ED Education
Coussoule George RC & HCC
Cox Virginia WH Fine Arts
Crislip M. Drew LW
Cronin Linda LW
Cutright Debbie LW
Dalton Teresa JH Business
Danko Melina PC
Danzig Martha LW
Davis VJ FC Health & Human Performance
Decker LaRonica ED Health & Human Services
Delligatti Mark PS--Fairmont Senior HS
Delong Susan BC
Demark Laura LW
DeMary Gary FC Health & Human Performance
DeMeester Kimberly CC
Dennis Scott JH Language & Literature
Dobson Natalie JH Lanuage & Literature
Donaldson Sheila ED Health & Human Services
Douglas Michele School of Social Science  
Dryden John ED Health & Human Services
Dunham Michael HH Science & Math; MV
Duvert Jean CC
Edwards Gary
Edwards Paul JH Academic Studies
Edwards Sondra ED Health and Human Services
Elliott Nelson MV
Elliott III Samuel HH Science & Math
Engebretson Teresa RC
England Wayne
Ensign Todd HH
Evans Kristi WH Technology
Evans Robyn JH Academic Studies & CC
Fairley Steven
Falkenstein(Wilson) Amy JH Language & Literature
Fetty David WH Technology
Fike Nancy CC & PC
Fischer Kathryn CC
Flanigan Brenda CC
Fleak Brian MV
Flower Brandon HB Social Sciences
Floyd Janet JH Business
Foradori Jennifer
Fortney Michael Caperton Center
Foster Steven VC; WH Technology
Frasure, Jr. Carl CC
Frederick John HB Social Sciences
Freeman J. Michael HH
Frese Heather JH Academic Studies
Fry Sally JH Academic Studies
Furby Gerald BC
Fulda George ED Health & Human Services
Gainer II Del
Garrett Mark Caperton Center

Gaston Mary Ann JH Academic Studies
Gear Charles PS--Elkins HS
Gibson Brenda BX
Giglia Charles HB Social Sciences
Gillespie Scott MV & TY
Given Terry LW
Glass Richard CH Business Technology
Glasscock Sharon 110N HB
Goff M.J. LW
Goodwin Sandra HH Science & Math; CC
Gotses John HB Social Sciences
Gowarty James WH Technology
Graham Nancy PC
Graver James JH Academic Studies
Greco-McKenzie Anna
Greenham Jeff WH Fine Arts
Greenlee Edwin JH Language & Literature
Gregory Matt LW
Griffith Heidi CC
Grimes Deborah MV
Grogg Heather LW
Grose Linda RC
Grubb Karen HH Science & Math
Gurash Dan HB Behavioral Sciences
Hall Terry MV
Hall William "Randall" WH Fine Arts
Hamilton Candice Weller
Hamilton Joyce JH Business
Hamilton Stephanie JH Behavioral Science
Hammersmith Jean
Hamrick Chase Laverne RC
Hardesty Susan PC
Hardman Lisa
Hardy Steve CC
Harman Joan LW
Harper Chrissy
Harper Michael
Harper Susan
Harris David
Harris Larry
Harris Randy LW
Harsh Sharon
Hart Vernon  CC
Hartnett Koula
Hatfield Carl CC
Hatfield Georgia CC
Haught Barbara CH  Business Education
Havlichek Deborah ED Education
Hawkins Dale ED Health & Human Services
Hawkins David CC
Hawley Fonda ED Health & Human Services
Hayhurst Jamie WH Fine Arts
Hayhurst Sylvia MV
Haynes William CC
Heslep James (Mac) CC
Higgins Stephen HB
Hildebrand Robert CC
Hill Greg PS--Buckhannon-Upshur HS
Hill Inez PS--East Fairmont HS
Hinter James LW
Hinterer Phyllis LW
Hirsh Phillip JH Language & Literature
Hlusko Jennifer Nursing
Hoffman Lloyd HB
Holden Creedie TC Graphics
Hollinger Claudette WH Technology
Hoover Judy CC
Hopkins Jessica MV
Hulsey Rysa JH Academic Studies
Humphrey Ruth RC
Husk Mark HB Social Sciences
Iaquinta Allesandra WH Fine Arts
Ingman Jeffrey WH Fine Arts
Jacobs Jeffrey CH Business
Jacowitz Barbara JH Business
Jacowitz Lawrence JH Business
Jaggie Stephanie CC
James Kristi CC
James Tim CWE
Jamison Angela
Janes Erica MV
Janes David HB Social Sciences
Jarrell Gary Social Sciences
Jarrell Mollie HB Social Sciences and MV
Jefferson Coretta LW
Jeffries Charles LW
Jenab Ali CC
Jenab Parviz CC
Johnson Kathleen WH Fine Arts
Johnson-Gray Joni WH Fine Arts
Johnston Kelly BX
Johnston Tami MV
Jones Carolyn HB Social Sciences
Joseph Timothy
Joyce J. Patrick WH Fine Arts
Judy-Shrout Mary MV
Kane John HB Social Science
Karigomba Wilbert MV
Kelley Diania CC
Keplinger Wayne CH Business
Kesling Brian CC
Kinney Diane CC
Kisner Deborah Nursing
Kloss Jill ED Health & Human Services
Knapp Jennifer
Knott Phyllis ED Health & Human Services
Konya-Fogel Gyongyi WEC
Kost Christina WH Fine Arts
Kuba Michael LW
Kubina Michael CL
Kuhn Mary "Betsy"
Lambert Christopher MV
Lambert Herb PC
Landis Deloris ED Human Services
Landis-Taylor Nancy HB Social Sciences
Lanham-Newhouse Debra CC and LW
Larry Judy JH Business & CC
Lassiter Nancy JH Business
Latocha Kristie ED Health & Human Services
Lawson Elizabeth PS--East Fairmont HS
Leach Stephen JH Academic Studies; WEC; CC
Leeson Loretta  CC
Lewis Brian HH Science & Math
Lienhardt Anne JH Academic Studies
Lightner Judy KC
Lindsley Elizabeth HB Social Sciences
Litton Tiffany LW
Locke Nancy LW
Lockwood Nancy BC
Loudin Chuck FE
Loudin Douglas LW
Luttecke Francisco CC
Lydon Brenda (Parks) FE
Lynch John LW
Mace James CC
Magnusson Joni MV
Mahoney Jay ED Health & Human Services
Malenich Robert
Marinelli James JH Language & Literature
Markley Carson  RC
Marsh Teresa BC
Marshall Elizabeth
Martin Kipp ED Human Services
Maruca Patricia BC
Mascaro Tina FAL Falcon Center
Mason Larry HH Science & Math
Mason Laury WH Fine Arts
Matheny Alicia TC
Matthews Renee ED Human Services
Mattingly Amy VC; School of Business
Maxim Melissa ED Health and Human Services
May Barbra MV
Mazza Rose JH Language & Literature
Mazzolini Michael CC
McAbee Theresa LW
McCall Erik CC
McDaniel Robert LW
McDowell Ronald HH Science & Math
McKeen Angela HH Science & Math
McLean Ruth CC
McNaboe Dennis RC & BC
McPherson Lori WH Fine Arts
Means Carol ED Education
Meckstroth Diana PS--Clay Battelle HS
Melonas Christopher
Menear Christa JH Academic Studies
Merendino Mary "Janie" JH Academic Studies
Metz Henry
Michael Kelly WH Fine Arts
Michalec Gina JH Academic Studies
Miller Jason WH Technology
Miller Ronnie RC
Molnar Jude JH Academic Studies
Monday Stacy
Moore Amy VC; FC
Moore Eve-Anne ED Health and Human Services
Moore Scott HH Science and Math
Morgan Karen H. CC
Morgan Karen S. MV
Moroz Melanie JH Language & Literature
Morris Thomas HH Science & Math
Morrison John WH Fine Arts
Moss Belinda JH Business
Moss Chris HB  
Mouse Angela HB
Mudrick Darlene CC
Murphy Angela CC
Murphy John HB
Muto Leisa  JH Business
Nagowski Melissa JH
Nesler Clint
Newbrough Dana PS--East Fairmont HS
Newman Jonathan
Nosse Vernon HB
Nugent Barnes HH Science & Math
Nuzum John CC
Oberlechner Steven MV
O'Brien Dorie FE
Ocheltree Juanita LW
O'Dell Cathy WH 310
Offutt Theodore ED Health & Human Services
Oliver Beverly
Oliveto James TY
Orrego Aldemar JH Language & Literature
Osborne Adam CC
Owens Barbara ED 328a
Oxley Nicholas CC
Oxley Timothy CC
Parks David LW
Parli Marvin BC
Parrish Brian JH Business
Parrish Rebecca JH Academic Development
Parsons Elizabeth JH Business
Paulsel Michelle
Pavlovic Stephen ED 349
Pearse Ron HB Social Sciences
Petitto Karen LW
Pfeuffer Timothy FC Pool
Phee Catherine CC
Phillips Lisa LW
Phillips William
Pickens Karen LW
Pickens Thomas LW
Piercy Jeannie LW
Pitrolo Janice "Kay" JH Academic Studies, ABE Program
Plasay Michael HB Social Sciences
Poling Gary CC
Poling James BC
Pollock Aaron ED Health & Human Services
Poore Dorothy HCC
Postlethwait Matthew HCC
Price Archie CC
Price Burt MV
Priester Harry ED Education
Primovero Cindy FE
Pyles Marc CC
Queen Don LW
Queen Kandas LW
Quinn Amy CC
Raspa Kathryn WH Fine Arts
Redmond Dixie HH Science & Math
Regan Thomas
Reed Robert CC
Repine Tom HH Science & Math
Retton Angela ED Health & Human Services
Rexroad Tara LW
Rice Tim JH Ac. Studies, HB Soc. Sciences
Richards Aimee CC
Richardson Carolyn ED Education
Richardson Cindy CC, and MV
Richardson Cynthia FE
Rickers Cathy MV
Riedeman Dana HB Social Sciences
Rieder Keith MV
Riffle Sheila RC
Riffle Susan MV
Riley Sean MV
Roach Danny LW
Robb Ann PC
Rodeheaver Kenneth MV
Rogers George CC
Rogers Melvin JH Language & Literature
Rogers Thomas LW
Row Barry RC
Roy  Shelly Caperton Center

Rymer Janet
Saeler Penny WH Fine Arts
Sager Tina MV
Sago David
Samples Tammy LW
Sampson Madeline HH
Satterfield Robin JH Business
Savchuk James CC
Schearer Jerry TV
Schiefelbein Douglas BC
Schmidt Linda BX
Schmuck Matthew FC Health & Human Performance
Schneider Joetta HH Science & Math
Schneider William
Schoetz Nathan JH Business
Schooley Anne
Schoonmaker Matthew WH Fine Arts
Schoonover Patricia
Secrest Scott ED Health & Human Services
Securro Sam ED Education
Sefchik Gregory JH Business
Seyfert George
Shackleford Jamella LW
Shanholtzer Craig JH 209b
Sharpolisky Michael FE
Shawger Sara WH Technology
Shay Cathy CC
Shelhammer John LW
Sherwood Stuart VC Technology
Shreve Dennis CC
Shuman Shirley BX
Sias Frederick DC
Simard Claudette HH Science & Math; MV
Singleton Donna BX
Singleton Wendy CWEF
Skeen Keith LW
Skidmore Dorothy WH Fine Arts
Slusser Beth JH Language & Literature
Smith Swiger Carrie VC Human Services
Snider Jo Ellen HH Science & Math
Snider Julia BC
Snyder Cara
Solberg Shelly ET
Sole Michelle ED Health & Human Services
Southall Richard LW
Spears Mary Ann LW
Spencer Grant CC
Spiker Karen LW
Sprowls George HB
Squires Brandon
Stalnaker Denise RC
Stalnaker Pam JH Academic Studies
Stansberry Rebecca LW
Stanton Elizabeth CC
Starett Regina
Stemple Patricia ED Health & Human Services
Stemple James CC
Stemple Robert CC
Stevenski Amy ED Health & Human Services
Stewart Carol JH Academic Development
Stiles Deborah MV
Stinard Bruce CC
Stocks Lee WH Technology
Strong Stuart  RC & HCC
Stuart Tina CH Business Technology
Stumpo Donna CC
Stupp Jason Caperton Center
Sturm Heidi JH Language & Literature
Suder Emil LW
Super Deborah RC
Sutton Harriet HB Social Sciences
Swisher Rebecca CC
Tankersley Mark
Taylor Christl JH Language & Literature
Taylor Jack BC
Taylor John LW
Taylor Nancy Landis HB Social Sciences
Taylor Alon (Rusty) ED Human Services
Taylor Wayland HH Science & Math
Tenney Noel ED Health & Human Services; Folklife Center
Thompson Lyvon HH Science & Math
Tierney Chad
Tilko George TY
Toothman John "Chris"
Trunzo Thomas JH Business
Trupo Rosemary UHC
Tucker Patricia 615 Bryant Place or JH Business
Turpen John JH Business
Urban Ryan Lewis County
VanDeysen Brent MV& KC
VanGundy Douglas CC
Vassil James WH Technology
Vaughan John WH Fine Arts
Vincent Clarence FE
Vitarelli Peggy CC
Wade Richard HH Science & Math
Wagoner Jonathan WEC
Waid Patricia
Waide Michael ED Health & Human Services
Wainstock Dennis CC Caperton Center
Walker Michelle ED Health & Human Services
Wanless Melinda LW
Ward Annita CC
Watson Howard RC
Weekley Chad JH Academic Studies
Weikle Mary FC Health & Human Performance
Weist Jennifer HB 230a
Weist Ronald
Welch Carolyn
Welch Traci
Westbrook Deborah PC
Westfall Angie LW
Wheaton Johnna HB Social Sciences
White Amy JH Business
White II Robert FC Health & Human Performance
Whitescarver Robin ED
Wilfong Jaymie Godwin HCC
Williams Jack HH SciTech-math
Wilmoth Alissa HB Social Sciences
Wilmoth Robert RC
Wilson Allen CC
Wilson Amy JH Language & Literature
Wilson, Jr. R.
Winters Joshua CC
Wilt Pamela LW
Wise James
Witt-Ford Carla WH Technology
Wolford Rose RC
Woodard Scott
Woodyard Helen LW & BX
Workman Michael  MV
Workman Shelton LW
Wotring-Nelson Elizabeth WH Fine Arts
Wright Kevin HH Science & Math
Yoho Stephanie JH
Yokochi Laura CC
Young David CC and HB Social Sciences
Yurko Susan CC
Zwickel Marion