Mahmood Hossain

Chair - Department of Computer Science & Mathematics
Professor of Computer Science
201 g ET
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B.Sc. M.Sc. University of Dhaka
M.S. Ph.D. Mississippi State University

Mahmood Hossain is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Fairmont State University. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Mississippi State University. He has fifteen years' experience of teaching computer science at several institutions in USA and Bangladesh. He has taught a wide range of courses including database systems, data mining, artificial intelligence, software engineering, bioinformatics, algorithm analysis, automata theory, operating systems, computer architecture, data structures, introductory and advanced programming courses in C/C++/Java/VB, and discrete structures. He has been actively involved in advising and institutional service.

Mahmood Hossain’s research has revolved around data mining and artificial intelligence. His recent research has focused on the applications of data mining in music and education. He has been working on analyzing the psychological effects of music by integrating data mining techniques with fractal analysis and frequency spectrum analysis. He has also worked on improving pedagogy by applying data mining to educational data. He has co-authored several publications and presentations with undergraduate students. In the past, he had worked on ensemble clustering, adaptive intrusion detection using data mining, AI search algorithms, and similarity search in database.