SciTech Alumni - Garry P. Glaspell

Glaspell, Garry P.
Class Year: 
Bachelor of Science
Chemistry and Mathematics
Fairmont, W.Va.

After graduating from Fairmont State, I accepted a position in the Ph.D. program in Chemistry at West Virginia University. The education that I received from Fairmont State not only helped me pass all of my entrance exams, but also allowed me to receive grant support from the National Science Foundation for my graduate career. I attest that the foundation that I acquired is directly attributed to me receiving my Ph.D. in four years’ time, and the skills I have learned provided the roots necessary to attain a Post-doctoral Fellowship from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, on which I am currently working at Virginia Commonwealth University.

What advice would you give current or prospective students?: 

If you are considering a career in Chemistry, the faculty at Fairmont State have the passion and dedication to ensure that you will succeed in your endeavor.

What was the most important thing you learned while attending Fairmont State?: 

At Fairmont State I learned how to write publications and give presentations. When conducting experiments, I learned how to think critically and how to think outside the box. However, the single most important thing I learned is when a professor walks into a classroom with different colored shoes on each of his feet, give him a chance, he may turn out to be the biggest inspiration in your life.