Technology Education Program


Students who have a strong interest in technology and teaching can combine both with the Fairmont State University Technology Education program.

Technology Education students can choose the comprehensive or single subject specialization.  A single-subject specialization requires students to choose a second specialization to meet graduation requirements.

Whichever the choice, our Technology Education students learn to work directly with their pupils to:

  • Solve problems
  • Plan projects
  • Select materials
  • Produce projects
  • Use tools and equipment in a safe manner
  • Properly organize and maintain technology education labs

Technology Education graduates lead their students to explore the development of technology and its effect on people, the environment and society.  

Technology Education graduates have the skills needed to offer input in other areas aside from the classroom. They can sponsor student technology clubs and associations. A teacher with a degree in Technology Education can also offer input in textbook selection and curriculum changes.

Career Opportunities

Technology Education majors are in demand in classrooms nationwide. Many Fairmont State University graduates find themselves filling needs in classrooms all over the eastern United States.  Areas include in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.  It’s not uncommon for Technology Education graduates to also work as:

  • Education software developers
  • Educational video producers
  • E-learning consultants
  • Technology support specialists
  • Web designers
  • Technology directors