Pre Professional Pharmacy


Fairmont State University’s Pre-Pharmacy program is a starting point for students who are interested in applying to a pharmacy school.

After two years in the Pre-Pharmacy program, very well-prepared students may be able to apply to a school of pharmacy.

Pharmacy can be a rewarding career for students who like chemistry, biology and math.

A student who is considering pharmacy school after completing Fairmont State’ Pre-Pharmacy program should work with a Fairmont State advisor while paying close attention to the prerequisites for the school he or she wishes to attend.

Career Opportunities

Students interested in pharmacy who are work aggressively and meet prerequisites for math courses can complete Fairmont State’s Pre-Pharmacy program in two years. They are then likely required to attend complete a four year pharmacy program elsewhere.  Sometimes students continue on toward a chemistry or even biology degree at Fairmont to later work in pharmaceutical science.  For those who pursue a pharmacy degree, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy indicates the following settings to use the degree:

  • Academic pharmacy
  • Ambulatory care pharmacist
  • Community pharmacy
  • Consultant pharmacy
  • Federal pharmacy – armed forces
  • Federal pharmacy – public health
  • Hospital and institutional pharmacy
  • Managed care pharmacy

Model Schedule(s)