Master of Architecture Program - Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Master of Architecture Program must begin by meeting the general standards established by the Office of Graduate Studies at Fairmont State University.

Applicants to the Master of Architecture degree must also meet the additional criteria and submit the documents as noted below:

  • Completion of a four-year Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (pre-professional degree).
  • For applicants from institutions other than Fairmont State, an evaluation of the applicant’s pre-professional education will be conducted for compliance with the National Architectural Accrediting Board, Program, and Student Criteria that may not otherwise be met in the Fairmont State Master of Architecture degree program. Further details regarding the evaluation may be found on the Evaluation of Pre-professional Degrees Statement and Forms.
  • A portfolio of architectural and creative work that demonstrates the applicant’s skills and abilities.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation, with a minimum of two from undergraduate architectural instructors. The third may be from a professional acquaintance. Applicants who hold a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Fairmont State will only be required to submit one (1) letter and it should be from an outside source.
  • A Letter of Intent that states the applicant’s reasons for pursuing a Master of Architecture degree in general, and more specifically at Fairmont State.

A personal interview may also be required as part of the admissions process if deemed necessary. This interview would be conducted by the Director of the Graduate Program in Architecture along with faculty in the Architecture Program and may be conducted in-person or electronically.

The documents noted above should be sent to: Fairmont State University Office of Admissions and copied to the Director of the Graduate Program in Architecture after the general Fairmont State application has been submitted.