Master of Architecture Program


Architecture consists of an examination of the processes of design, systems of construction, relationships to environmental, social, historical and geographical context, and an understanding of behaviorism and symbolism. The Master of Architecture degree program at Fairmont State has a focus on the cultural, geographic, and historical conditions that distinguish the character of the Appalachian Region, and provides an opportunity to address concerns relevant to the revitalization of smaller cities and towns, particularly those within a more rural environment. The curriculum further provides opportunities for research and project applications in sustainable and green design principles. The program advocates an examination of the past, in order to prepare for the present and future challenges in architecture.

The Master of Architecture Program (M. Arch) consists of 42 semester hours of graduate architecture courses in addition to a pre-requisite Bachelor of Science in Architecture (composed of 126 semester hours at Fairmont State, of which 58 semester hours are general studies). The M. Arch portion of the program is typically completed in three semesters of full-time study. Additionally, there are a choice of five (3) credit hour Business Management courses related to project management which may be taken as electives within the M.Arch curriculum.

The combined degree programs offered at Fairmont State (B.S. Arch + M. Arch) provide graduates with the educational background necessary to enter the professional practice of architecture and its numerous variants. The state of West Virginia, as well as many other states, requires a NAAB accredited professional degree for licensure as an Architect.  This program is currently working towards NAAB accreditation.

Career Opportunities

The annual median wage for architecture is $73, 090.00, and the projected growth in this career field is 17% between 2012 and 2022.