SciTech Emeritus Faculty


Emeritus Faculty have helped shape the College of Science and Technology to make it what it is today and they hold a special place in our hearts. Below is a list of our emeritus faculty. If you are as curious as we are about where they have gone from here, check out the links below.

Dr. Raymond Amos
Mr. David Batson, deceased
Dr. William Brown
Mr. Dotson Cather
Dr. Lily Chenshan
Dr. Elizabeth Swiger Coleman
Dr. James Coleman
Dr. William Creasy
Mr. Dwight Fowler, deceased
Dr. Elizabeth Frye
Mr. James Goodwin
Dr. Dwight Harris
Dr. Melanie Harris
Dr. Stephen Haynes, deceased
Dr. Lewis Herring, deceased
Dr. Alicia Kime
Dr. James LaRue, deceased
Mr. Larry Lauffer
Mr. Loy Leonard
Dr. Ashley Martin
Mr. Adam Michna
Mr. Dale Naegele
Mr. Thomas Nunnally
Mr. John Parks
Mr. John Pheasant, deceased
Mr. Walter Phillips, deceased
Dr. William Pritchett
Dr. Raymond Richardson
Dr. William D. Ruoff
Mr. Wiliam Schneider, deceased
Dr. Robert Shan
Dr. David Sherren
Mr. George Smyth
Mr. Allan Swanson
Mr. Richard Whiteman

If you are an emeritus faculty member and are interested in completing a spotlight, please either complete the online form or contact us at or 304-367-4156.