Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) Minor


Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) is a minor at Fairmont State. 

The spheres of busines, diplomatic relations, and science and research programs often operate on a global scale. With that comes the need for communications specialists to help participants overcome language barriers.

Students in the Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages program learn about communications challenges of second language learners. They equip them with the tools they need to master English for their own communication purposes.

Combining Teaching English to Speakers of other Language classes with many of Fairmont State’s General Studies classes opens students to a wide knowledge of culture.

The TESOL minor is not yet certified to allow minors to teach English as a Second Language in public schools.

But, with the minor, elementary and secondary teaching candidates often have added value for school districts with non-English speaking populations.

Career Opportunities

There are opportunities for TESOL minors to put their skills to work domestically and abroad. After mastering the required curriculum and deciding what they want to teach, who they want to teach and compiling their additional qualifications, TESOL minors may decide to pursue jobs like:

  • Linguistics and English lecturer
  • Overseas English instructor
  • Researcher
  • Testing specialist