Folklore Studies Minor

Folklore Studies Minor FSU College of Liberal Arts

The study of folklore and folklife involves examination and analysis of traditional expressive culture in all its forms, including oral and material.  In every society, agricultural and industrial, rural and urban, folklore is a vital part of life.  In higher education, then, since folklore is a study of the humanist expression which is typically transmitted by tradition, it is related to all departments that deal with literature, art, and music.  Since folklore also deals with the entire traditional culture of mankind as manifested in customs and beliefs, it has close affiliations with anthropology, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, linguistics, design, and pedagogy.

This 19 hour interdisciplinary academic minor, which can be attached to most liberal arts majors, is housed in the Department of Language and Literature under the College of Liberal Arts and is part of The Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center at Fairmont State University.


Folk 2200  - Introduction to Folklore
Learning Community: Sciences and Culture in the Heart of Appalachia
Folk 2201  - Lab field Research/Oral History Techniques
Folk 3300  - Folk Literature
Folk 3301  - Material Culture
Folk 3302  - Regional Cultural Geography and History
Folk 3320 - The Art of Storytelling in Theory & Practice
Folk 3399 - Special Topics (ie Roads to Appalachia Travel Abroad)
Folk 4400*- Directed Folklore Study
Appalachian African-American Lore
Appalachian (Regional/Written) Literature Study
Archives/Collections Management
Arthurian Legend:Comparative Folk Literature Study
Children's Folklore
Culture as Education
Ethnography and Process and Storytelling
Folk Arts
Folk Dance
Museum Studies
Rural Education
Traditional Folk Music: Vocal and Instrumental
Urban and Popular Culture
Vintage Clothing Preservation
West Virginia Literature
World Tale
 Folk 4401 - Folklore Applications 















* Note: If an existing course is available on campus reflecting any of these topics, a student may opt to take it, with the approval of the Folklore Studies advisor.

Dr. Judy P. Byers and Mr. Noel W. Tenney are the principle instructors in the program with faculty associates from such disciplines as Language and Literature, Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Technology, Recreation, and Education.  Dr. Byers is the Director of  The Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center and Mr. Tenney is the Folk Cultural Specialist for the Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center.