Crime Scene Investigations ClassCriminal Justice examines the structure, functions, and decision-making processes of agencies that deal with crime and criminal offenders.  As an independent academic discipline, criminal justice is comparatively new.  Interest in criminal justice education was spurred by the "war on crime" during the 1960's and the resulting massive federal funding to upgrade criminal justice agencies, technology, programming and education of criminal justice personnel.

Faculty in this program provide expertise in law enforcement, investigations, corrections, criminal law, research and theory.  The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice allows the student flexibility to choose courses which best reflect their individual interests and career aspirations.

The program provides students with a solid foundation in theory and research.  Furthermore, majors receive hands-on experience with our state-of-the-art firearms simulation lab, and in our crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, and mock trial courses. Advanced students have the opportunity to present their research at state and national conferences and to participate in scholarship, research paper and crime scene competitions.  A variety of internships are also available for those who qualify.

Students can also choose to minor in criminal justice at Fairmont State or chose the program as part of their Pre-Law studies.

Career Opportunities

Students with a B.S. degree in criminal justice qualify for employment in city, county, state, and federal criminal justice agencies, and in the rapidly-growing private industrial security field.  A number of graduates continue their education in graduate programs in criminal justice, criminology or law.  The program also offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree.

The following are jobs our Criminal Justice majors seek upon graduation:

  • Detective
  • DEA Agent
  • Juvenile Probation Officer
  • Correctional Counselor


Model Schedule(s): 

Crime Scene Investigations 1:30 Tues-Thurs class Dr. John McLaughlin

This crime scene was the final exam for the crime scene students. The students are assigned to solve the crime based on the evidence left on the scene.  After seeing the evidence, they must write a police report solving the case.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

For three years, the criminal justice students at Fairmont State University have won the crime scene competition at the national conference.

What makes this feat even more impressive is that they were doing it with less-than-stellar equipment.

“We were using the $30 point-and-shoot,” Marshal Sherry, a second-year graduate student in criminal justice, said. “It was just the bare minimum.”

The criminal justice program at FSU got a surprise Thursday when the Fraternal Order of Police from Fairmont presented them with a gift.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fairmont State may be a relatively small school on a national scale, but one program at the institution has proven that it can compete at the absolute highest level.

This year, the criminal justice program from FSU went to Florida to compete in various competition and came home with eight awards.

“Every year we attend the National Criminal Justice Honor Society Conference, and this year it was in Orlando,” explained Marshal Sherry, graduate student in criminal justice from Fairmont State. “We go and compete every year.”

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