Behavioral Science Programs

Community Health Education Program

The Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health provides students with the knowledge and skills to work in community-based programs. The focus of the degree is to prepare health professionals who can assess needs, plan and implement programs, conduct research, communicate health information, and serve as a health resource person. Courses are designed with hands-on learning in mind. Students participate in projects where they are meeting a real community's health needs.


Psychology Program

Fairmont State Psychology classes consist of philosophical, biological, and social frameworks of human behaviors and their clinical and organizational applications. Psychology majors graduate with an in-depth understanding of mental functions and behaviors. Courses are laced with applied and theoretical information. Psychology majors who have a strong interest in community service can take advantage of specialty courses just for them.


Sociology Program

The Sociology Program at Fairmont State University strives to meet the needs of the local community and broader society by preparing all majors for immediate entry into social service positions and graduate programs that develop specializations across the many fields of sociology.