BA Programs Admission Requirements

Bachelor Degree Programs Admission Requirements

Admission to four-year bachelor degree programs is restricted to graduates of approved high schools who have a 2.5 high school grade point average (GPA) and a minimum composite score of 17 on the Enhanced American College Test (ACT) or 830 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and be beyond the age of compulsory attendance in the state of West Virginia. (These scores do not include the writing assessment, which will be evaluated in addition to the previously mentioned composite scores).

Applicants must also satisfy the following minimum high school unit requirements:

Units (Years) Required

4 English (including courses in grammar, composition, literature)

 3 Social Studies (including U.S. History)

3 Mathematics (Algebra I and at least one higher unit)

3 Laboratory Science (At least two units from Coordinated and Thematic Science 10, Biology, chemistry, Physics and other courses with a strong laboratory science orientation)

Units (Years) Strongly Recommended

2 Foreign Language

Elective Units

It is recommended that the remaining elective units be chosen from subjects such as computer science, fine arts, and the humanities.

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