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Women’s and Gender Studies Impact

Women’s and Gender Studies

Understand the legacy of women throughout history

The Women’s Studies minor provides students with an avenue to explore contemporary and historical women’s issues as they relate to traditional academic disciplines and human life. The minor begins with Introduction to Women's Studies and culminates in Capstone Seminar in Women's Studies. Working closely with their academic advisors, students pursuing the women's studies minor choose four additional courses, from two categories. These elective offerings vary by term.

During the course of the Women's Studies minors, students understand women's contributions to society, culture, and history, study gender roles and differences, benefit from elective courses in a variety of different fields, and build a capstone project of your own design.

Career Opportunities

The minor in Women's Studies will enhance every major and make students more attractive to employers as well as graduate and professional schools. Students who minor in women's studies are attractive contributors to a variety of fields because the minor demonstrates the graduate's interest in and awareness of the progressive visions reshaping all areas of society, particularly economic policies.

This minor elective also demonstrates a commitment to learning and personal growth beyond meeting the requirements of a degree. Students who minor in women's studies can go on to a variety of fields:

  • Law
  • Technical writing
  • Children’s or patient advocacy
  • Politics
  • Human Resources
  • Journalism
  • Criminal Justice
  • Real estate broker