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Theatre Arts Impact

Theatre Arts

The minor in Theatre Arts focuses on the instruction and practical application of skills required to produce plays: technical production, design, acting, and directing.

Maybe you participated in theatre in high school and want to continue your learning about theatre. Or you might be an education major, and wish to increase your marketability on the job market. Or maybe you just love theatre and want to be around it. Whatever your reason, pursuing a Theatre Arts Minor is worthy (and fun) choice.

A production of All in the Timing on stage

The practice of theatre is rooted in collaboration and creative and critical thinking. It fosters empathy and improves oral and written communication skills. It strengthens self-reliance and self-esteem. It hones time-management and interpersonal skills. These are traits and skills sought after by all employers.

The minor also expands the sense of community you’ll enjoy while participating in plays into the classroom, and provides you with a theoretical context for your practical theatre experiences.

Through completion of the theatre arts minor, you’ll have greater understanding and appreciation of your inherent creativity, you’ll discover new ways to express yourself, and you’ll learn how to be empathetic and tolerant of others.

Students minoring in theatre arts put classroom theory into practice via studio work and working on Fairmont State’s numerous Masquers Theatre performances.

A production of Joseph! on stage


Required Minor Courses (18 Credit Hours)

Total Credit Hours 18
Course Prefix & Number Course Name Credit Hours
THEA 1120 Theatre Appreciation 3
THEA 1140 Theatrical Production 2
THEA 1148 Theatre Workshop (must be taken concurrently with THEA 1140) 1
THEA 2240 Acting 2
THEA2238/4432 Acting Workshop I/II (must be taken concurrently with THEA 2240) 1
THEA 2244 Introduction to Theatrical Design 3
THEA 3366 Directing 3
THEA 2262/4462*
THEA 2238/4432*
Production Practicum I/II (repeatable 1-credit course)*
Acting Workshop I/II (repeatable 1-credit course)*

*Student must take at least one Production Practicum and one Acting Workshop.

Contact Information

Troy Snyder

Troy Snyder

Professor of Theatre Arts
 324A, Wallman Hall
 (304) 367-4103