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Physics Impact


Physics students utilize mathematical methods, observation and critical reasoning to describe and analyze relationships between properties of matter and the interactions that cause things to change.

The Fairmont State University Physics minor compliments the following disciplines Science, Math, Computer Science, Technology, Secondary Education, and Pre-professional programs. Faculty members use those methods to teach Physics students analytical and problem solving skills needed whether they continue in higher education or seek a career after graduation.

 The Fairmont State Online Physics Teaching Certification program is designed to eliminate a shortage of qualified physics teachers in and out of state. It is perfect for non-traditional students who are already working professionals.

The Physics curriculum is designed to not only meet, but exceed, National Science Teachers Association standards.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with a Physics minor are better able to enter graduate school or find their employment opportunities diversified and enhanced. Professional development and leadership opportunities within the Physics program prepare students for the next step after graduation. 

  • Physics students can pursue careers in:
  • Education
  • Law and finance
  • Medicine
  • Environmental research
  • Computer science

Contact Info

Dr. Deb Hemler

Science Education Coordinator Department of Biology-Chemistry-Geoscience

 216 Hunt Haught Hall