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Wind Ensemble

Musical Arts

When you enroll in the Musical Arts Minor you will obtain a deeper understanding of music which will enhance your experiences both as a performer and an audience member, leading to a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

The minor in Musical Arts provides students with an introduction to an academic understanding of music through theory, history, music business, and piano and also provides performance opportunities through university ensembles (marching band, wind ensemble, and choir). 

The musical arts minor is perfect for students of ANY major with a passion for music. If you participated in band or choir in high school and would like to continue your musical engagement and education, we invite you to add a musical arts minor.  

What You’ll Learn

As a musical arts minor, you will:

  • Understand fundamental musical and artistic skills, including but not limited to: mastering basic concepts of written and aural theory, obtaining a working knowledge of the major musical traditions and performance practices of Western Art Music, mastering basic concepts of intonation and balance, increased dynamic contrast, work with tone quality and tone colors, honing critical listening abilities, and obtaining an introductory understanding of music business in the modern age.   
  • Apply the knowledge and concepts learned in theory, history, piano, and music business in an ensemble setting to provide musical performances of high quality and represent Fairmont State while offering musical entertainment to our audiences. 

Performance Opportunities

Marching Band

Marching Band

Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble

Collegiate Singers

Collegiate Singers


Required Minor Courses (18 Credit Hours)

Course Prefix & Number Course Name Credit Hours
MUSI 1113 Introduction to Written Theory 3
MUSI 1122 Introduction to Aural Theory 3
MUSI 1121 Music Business 3
MUSI 1104
MUSI 1160
Intro to Piano
Piano Lessons 
MUSI 2206
MUSIC 2212 
Intro to Music History
MUSI 1168 
MUSI 1169 
MUSI 1167
Major Ensemble 
Marching Band 
Wind Ensemble 
Collegiate Singers 
Total Credit Hours 18

Contact Information

John Morrison

John Morrison headshot

Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Choirs
 Wallman Hall 242
 (304) 367-4179

Alyssa Schwartz

Alyssa Schwartz

Assistant Professor of Music & Director of Bands 
 Wallman Hall 203
 (304) 367-4206