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Mathematics Education Impact

Mathematics Education

The department of Computer Science and Mathematics cooperates with the Department of Education in meeting its mission to prepare candidates for a:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree - Mathematics (grades 5-adult)
  • Teaching Endorsement - Mathematics (grades 5-9)

The numbers of graduates with math education related degrees for 2018-2023 are listed below:

  • 8 with BAE in Mathematics grade 5-Adult
  • 9 with Mathematics grades 5-9 specialization
  • 1 Master of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics
  • 7 students served as Clinical Teacher of Record for the public schools in grades 7-12

Career Opportunities

  • Public, Private, or Online school math teacher
  • Public, Private, or Online school math tutor
  • Advanced degree opportunities in Mathematics and Education fields

Mathematics Education in the News

2024 West Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

Improvements in Math Education

A group of students at the Math Manipulative Fair

Math Education (5-Adult)


Students receiving a B.A. in Math Education may also earn a B.S. in Mathematics by taking only two additional courses!


It is expected that students entering the 5-Adult program are ready to take Calculus I. Students without this background may be required to complete appropriate lower-level courses in addition to the stated requirements. Students should consult with their advisor concerning credit for prerequisites and/or special examinations for course credit.

Required Courses

Model Schedule - Math 5-Adult

Math Program Sheet

Additional Resources


A teacher helping a student at the Math Manipulative Fair

Math Education (grades 5-9)


  • This endorsement must be combined with another B.A. in the Education program.
  • It may be combined with any other Education degree!

Required Courses

Course Hours
MATH 1530 - College Algebra*
MATH 1430 - College Algebra with Support*
3 OR 4
MATH 1540 - Trigonometry 3
MATH 1550 - Applied Statistics 3
MATH 1561 - Mathematical Reasoning 3
MATH 2551 - Structure of the Real Numbers 3
MATH 2552 - Data Analysis and Geometry 3
MATH 3553 - Math Methods for Elementary Teachers 3
MATH 4531 - Methods and Materials in Teaching Mathematics 3

*Omit if Math ACT is greater than or equal to 23

Model Schedule - Elementary Education with Math 5-9

Contact Info

Dr. Stephanie Jones

Associate Professor of Mathematics

 426 Engineering Technology Building


Requirements for Admission to Education

  • Earn a minimum quality point average of 2.75 overall, 2.75 in each teaching specialization and 2.75 in all professional education classes. 
  • Complete EDUC 2200 (Introduction to Education) and EDUC 2201 (Instructional Technology) with a grade of “C” or higher. 
  • Complete Field Experience 1 (corequisite to EDUC 2200). 
  • Prepare and submit Admissions Portfolio in Taskstream. 
  • Meet requirements for provisional or full admission to enroll in EDUC 2203.