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Healthcare Management Impact

Healthcare Management

This is a comprehensive program, which is designed to provide health professionals with the education to become administrators in health care agencies.

  The curriculum is directed toward developing the management, problem-solving, finance, and interpersonal skills that are necessary for careers in a variety of healthcare organizations.  An additional intent of the program is to provide career advancement opportunities for those who are already employed in healthcare organizations.

Career Opportunities

As the backbone of healthcare systems, healthcare administrators take on the duties of overseeing vast expanses of medical personnel.  As the structure and financing of the healthcare industry change, healthcare administrators must be able to adapt to new environments.  Projected employment growth of 17%, higher than average for all occupations, is expected in the industry over the next decade.  This program is designed to help you acquire the leadership and management skills necessary to become a competent mid-level administrator within your organization.

Healthcare Managment Concentrations

Contact for More Infomation

Eric Pulice


Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management
 JH 206-E

Additional Resources

Minor in Healthcare Management

This minor addresses conceptual, interpersonal and business skills associated with management careers in healthcare organizations. Skill sets acquired focus on critical strategic consideration for health systems, legal/regulatory environment required for cost-effective, high-quality care delivery, policy and regulatory compliance, and financial management of healthcare organizations. The content builds expert knowledge including operations, human resources, patient advocacy,population health,and information systems. It also emphasizes challenges of strategic leadership for patient-centered care of diverse populations.

Minor in Healthcare Management Course Descriptions