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Strategic Plan Impact

Strategic Plan


Fairmont State University will be renowned for its innovative pedagogical practices and programs and as the first-choice institution for students seeking a transformative educational experience.


Fairmont State University is a comprehensive, regional university committed to educating global citizen leaders in an environment distinguished by a commitment to excellence, student success and transformational impact.

Core Values And The Goals That Address Them

  • Family - establishing interdependence and mutual support
  • Diversity - engendering a culture of respect where all people’s views are acknowledged and valued
  • Excellence - ensuring distinction in programs, service, faculty, staff and students
  • Entrepreneurship – supporting creative and innovative initiatives that may have an element of risk
  • Safety - promoting an environment free from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss
  • Trust - inspiring confidence in a person in whom responsibility or authority is placed
  • Respect - having esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of our people
  • Integrity - adhering to the highest standards
  • Transparency - establishing visible foundations for decisions and plans
  • Stewardship - responsibly overseeing and protecting the things considered worth caring for and preserving

Goals And Objectives

A. Strategic Theme #1: Student Success: Retention

  1. Increase first-year retention rates
  2. Increase second-year retention rates
  3. Increase six-year graduation rates
  4. Augment credit hour productivity
  5. Enhance 4-year scholarships
  6. Increasing funding for student athletes


  1. Minimum of 75%
  2. Minimum of 65%
  3. Minimum of 50%
  4. Greater than 15 for full-time students and 7 for part-time students
  5. 2200 students receiving a scholarship will have a 4-year commitment
  6. 85% of women and men athletes will receive funding

B. Strategic Theme #2: Enrollment Management: Growth

  1. Re-engage non-traditional students by understanding, creating, and offering unparalleled innovative programs
  2. Systematically identify and attract out-of-state and international students
  3. Increase enrollment of non-traditional learners
  4. Expand educational program-to-program articulation agreements with community colleges and senior institutions
  5. Create cross-border programs in foreign countries
  6. Improve financial accessibility
  7. Advance athletic opportunity


    1. A minimum of 7 undergraduate and 18 graduate-level new on-line or low-residency programs
    2. Minimum of 20% out-of-state and a minimum of 250 international students
    3. Minimum of 30% non-traditional learners
    4. Minimum of 30 program-to-program articulation agreements
    5. A minimum of 2 new programs
    6. Maintain tuition below the State average

C. Strategic Theme #3: Resource Diversification: Stabilization 

  1. Achieve and sustain the financial stability of the institution
  2. Increase grant and sponsored program funding
  3. Grow foundation endowment and increase the number of endowed student scholarships
  4. Increase alumni engagement/philanthropy to a minimum of 5 percent above the national average
  5. Enhance Athletics revenue


  1. Composite Financial Indicator (CFI) score of 2.75 (Fairmont State University with Foundation)
  2. Minimum of $5 million/year
  3. Minimum of $50 million and a minimum of 835
  4. Minimum of 5 percent above the national average
  5. Minimum of $150,000 net revenue