Normally, the Honors Program offers a set rotation of courses each year.  From time to time, there may be exceptions, but students can ordinarily plan their requirements in the Honors Program using this list.

ENGL  1199  Honors Seminar* 
ENGL  1108  Written English II* 
ENGL  2220  World Literature I* 
HIST  1107  US History** 
MATH 1107  Fundamental Concepts 
MATH 1190  Calculus I
ART   1120  Art Appreciation 
PSYC 1101  Intro. to Psychology 
SCIE  1101  Science that Matters I   
COMM 2200 Intro. to Human Communication 
INTR  1100  Race, Class & Gender

ENGL  1108  Written English II *
ENGL  2221  World Literature II *
HIST  1108  US History II **
MATH 1190  Calculus I
INTR  1120  Experiencing the Arts***
SCIE  1199  Science that Matters II
SOCY 1100  Intro. to Sociology
COMM 2200 Intro. to Human Communication
INTR  2280  Empowering Leadership
INTR  2281  Great Ideas of Leaders

* Required for all new students in the Honors Program.
** Offered every other year.  HIST 2212 and HIST 2213 rotate with this
*** Or THEA 1120

My experience in the Honors Program has been fantastic. When I first thought of taking Honors classes, I was sure it would just be an extra load of work on top of my already full course load. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. The best example I can give was for my Honors World Literature class. Dr. Schwer didn’t decide to make us write a dozen papers, she asked us to take what we read and translate it into another form to show our understanding of the material. One assignment was to imagine that a reading was being made into a film, and then create a movie trailer based on that film. Another assignment was to take a reading and return it to her in another form, be it song, painting, costume, or whatever I could design. I enjoyed having a class that wasn’t just asking me to recite a list of items I had been asked to memorize; I was being taught how to learn. That, to me, is what the Honors Program is about.

Michelle Skaflestad

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260