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"Students here are lucky in that we have a fairly small faculty to student ratio and that they can get individualized attention. It can be a much more personalized educational experience for them."

Don Trisel
Professor of Biology
College of Science & Technology

"Our goal in teaching Architecture is trying to teach people to think about a creative process and a critical way to solve problems. We want students to get to the point where they are asking big questions and always asking ‘what if.’ "

Philip Freeman, Architect, NCARB
Associate Professor of Architecture
College of Science & Technology

"When you’re not lecturing, but you’re working with the students and you’re actually engaging them in the topic at hand, I think that’s when this job is the best. That’s a great day."

Kimberly Murphy, CSP
Associate Professor of Occupational Safety
College of Science & Technology

"Going to a school where I was going to know the first names of my teachers and they were going to know me was very important to me."

Sean Rafferty
Political Science,
National Security and Intelligence major
College of Liberal Arts

"When I was younger, my parents always preached that they loved seeing me on the football field, but school always comes First."

Daniel Monroe
Accounting and Finance major
School of Business

"We work one-on-one with students in order to have them be successful. They have our home phone numbers; they have our cell phone numbers. We're pretty tight with the students."

Sharon Boni, Ph.D., RN
School of Nursing and Allied Health Administration

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A New Year of Firsts

Welcome to a new year of Firsts at Fairmont State University! Being a Falcon is about the Firsts you want to create and the possibilities are endless.