United Way

Dear Member of the Fairmont State Community:

With the theme “Score One with the United Way … Everyone Wins!,” the 2014-2015 campaign for the United Way of Marion County highlights all the ways our community benefits from our support.

“CASA of Marion County wins because we are able to contribute 1063 hours in advocacy for abused and neglected children in Marion County.” – Kim Berry Baker, Director

“HOPE wins because we were able to serve 228 victims of domestic violence in Marion County and give them alternatives.” – Harriet Sutton, Director

“I win because the Soup Opera is a good place to go when it’s winter to stay warm and to stay cool when it’s hot outside. I can also do my laundry and take a shower. I’m very thankful for the Soup Opera.” – Tammy, Client

Because 99 percent of all donations remain in Marion County, giving to the United Way directly benefits your friends and neighbors, and maybe even your family. With its 20 worthwhile agencies, the United Way of Marion County provides basic needs, youth services and more that otherwise would not exist in our county.

Civic engagement is an important part of our mission and culture at Fairmont State University. In fact, our mission statement includes providing opportunities “to discover roles for responsible citizenship that promote the common good.”

As members of the faculty, staff and administration, we have opportunities to model behaviors of responsible citizenship for the students we serve.

For these reasons, the United Way of Marion County has been designated as one of our campus-wide community service projects. I encourage you to consider participating in this campaign. The ease of payroll deduction enables you to conveniently support specific agencies of your choice or the united Way in general throughout the entire year.

Please consider how your support – even a few dollars each pay period – can truly make a difference. Please complete and return your pledge card, whether or not you are able to participate in the campaign at this time.

Thank you for all you do for Fairmont State University and the community we serve. And, thank you for your responsible citizenship that promotes the common good.

Best always,

Maria C. Rose, Ed.D.