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American Association of University Women
To promote equity for all women and girls, lifelong education, and positive societal change.
Advisor: Robin Yeager (367-4674)
American Chemical Society Student Affiliates
Encourage the advancement of chemistry
Advisor: Matt Scanlon (367-4504)
American Choral Directors Association
To foster and promote choral singing
Advisor: Dr. Sam Spears (367-4118)
American Institute of Architecture Students
Organize architecture students to advance the science & art of architecture
Advisor: Dr. Philip Freeman (367-4237)
American Society of Civil Engineers
To encourage its members to study civil engineering and to advance the profession
Advisor: Tia M Como (367-4629)
American Society of Interior Designers
To advance the interior design profession
Advisor: Rachel Beach (367-4367)
American Society of Safety Engineers
To promote the advancement of the safety profession
Advisor: Mit Abbot (367-4633)
Anime Society
Increase public awareness of Anime and Manga
Advisor: Jim Matthews (367-4780)
Art Education Club
To advance the art education profession
Advisor: Jennifer Yerdon-Lejeune (367-4756)
Ballroom Dancing Club
To promote interest in ballroom dancing
Advisor: Beth Newcome (367-4298)
Black Student Union
To promote the study of Black Culture
Advisor: Kaye Widney (367-4303)
Campus Light Ministries
To help others find incentives for spiritual growth
Advisor: Dr. Tony Morris (367-4493)
Chi Alpha Campus Ministry
To promote a balanced community of worship, discipleship, and witness
Advisor: Dr. Steve Haynes (367-4283)
Club Sports
All Club Sports fall under the direction and leadership of the Intramural Program.
Liaison: Tina Mascaro (367-4291)
Collegiate 4-H Club
To promote 4-H values and activities in the University and surrounding communities
Advisor: Paul Reneau (367-4148)
Gay/Straight Alliance
To promote the welfare of & services for bisexual, gay & lesbian individuals, as well as any minorities
Advisor: Charley Hively (367-4617)
Health Information Technology Association
To promote further interest and understanding of the field
Advisor: Vickie Findley (367-4716)
Honors Association
To assist in the governing of the Honors program
Advisor: Dr. J. Robert Baker (367-4260)
Increasing Our Faith
To increase our faith in God and in Jesus Christ, knowledge of the Bible and to serve the University and community.
Advisor: Pam Hamilton (367-4297)
Information Systems Student Organization
To promote knowledge of Information Systems on campus and in the community.
Advisor: Rebecca Giorcelli (367-4724)
International Christian Evangelism (ICE)
International Christian Evangelism (ICE) is a ministry solely active on the campuses of SIU, FSU & WVU. Its mission, To Know Jesus and To Make Him Known, is accomplished through fellowship, worship, teaching, & evangelism.
Dr. Harry Baxter
International Student Organization
To promote intercultural communications and relationships
Advisor: Tadashi Kato (367-4759)
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
To establish and advance at FSU witnessing communities
Advisor: Sally Fry (367-44688)
Masquers Club
To provide students with a working drama organization
Advisor: Dr. Francene Kirk (367-4170)
Music Educators National Conference
To acquaint members with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession
Advisor: Mary Lynne Bennett (367-4179)
Newman Club
To serve by providing support, fellowship, and activities from a Catholic perspective
Advisor: Steve Leach (367-4386)
Non-Traditional Student Society
To increase the awareness of Fairmont State's nontraditional students to the activities on campus.
Advisor: Miwa Edwards (367-4208)
Outdoor Adventure Club
To enjoy the natural beauty of West Virginia and to participate safely in various outdoor activities.
Advisor: Corey Hunt (367-4066)
Political Science Association
To promote political awareness among members of the student body.
Co-Advisor: Patricia Ryan (367-4163)
Co-Advisor: Greg Noone (367-4673)
Residence Life Club
To provide a learning living environment for a diverse student population.
Co-Advisor: Jessica Cooper (368-7253)
Co-Advisor: Carrie Keim (368-7230)
Respiratory Therapy Student Organization
To increase community education on cardiopulmonary health and promote awareness of the Respiratory Care profession.
Advisor: Jodee Nelson (367-4876)
Society of Automotive Engineers
Dedicated to advancing mobility technology to better serve humanity.
Advisor: Anthony Gilberti (367-4887)
Spanish Club
To promote and raise awareness of the Spanish language and Spanish speak
Advisor: Julie Sellers (333- 3607)
Student Accountant Society
To foster better campus relationships among the accounting students.
Advisor: Mary Burnell (367-4189)
Student Athlete Advisory Committee
To provide insight on the student athlete experience at Fairmont State.
Advisor: Kristi Kiefer (367-4265)
Student Government
To regulate all matters pertaining to student life
Advisor: Stephanie McCandless
Student Graphics Organization
To unite students interested in graphic design, generate new interest in field, & help students prepare for a career in graphic design.
Advisor: Vijay Raol (367-4104)
Student Medical Laboratory Technology Association
To promote further interest and understanding of the field.
Advisor: Stephanie Jordan (333-3624)
Student Nurses Association
To promote a unified powerful voice for all student nurses.
Advisor: Veronica Gallo(367-4997)
Student Psychological Association
To promote communication & rapport among students & faculty with psychology related fields.
Advisor: Ann Shaver (367-4672)
Student Veteran's Organization
To support veterans on campus and to educate the college community about veterans
Advisor: Greg Hinton (367-4244)
Student Veterinary Technology Association
To contribute to the veterinary technician's education
Advisor: Sherri Grudi RVT (367-4589)
Students in Free Enterprise
Learning, practicing, and teaching the principles of free enterprise and business.
Advisor: Dr.Edward Gailey (367- 4889 )
Students Taking Action in Nature's Defense (STAND)
Dedicated to advancing mobility technology to better serve humanity.
Co-Advisor: Erica Harvey (367-4498)
Co-Advisor: Dr. Don Trisel (367-4308)
V-Day Warriors
To be a voice for the women of campus in the fight against violence and provide a safe place for all women and men who have been abused.
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Savage (367- 4085)
Wesley House
To render a Christian ministry to the campus community
Advisor: Tina Mascaro (367-4291)
West Virginia Association of Young Children
To aid with the needs, rights and well-being of young children in West Virginia.
Advisor: Barbara Pavel Alvarez(367-4848)
Young Life
Outreach to middle, high school and college students with fellowship opportunities.
Advisor: Open Position

Contact Info

Jacqueline Inskeep
Student Activities Director
Colebank Hall, Room 318
Phone: (304) 333-3647

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