Art Minors

Students who enter the Art Education program at Fairmont State University will be have a number of exciting specialized classes in addition to their general studies requirements.

Studio Art

18 semester hours are required for a minor in studio art. 
Choose six hours of Art History courses, and twelve hours of studio work courses (pre-requisite required).

Art History

18 Semester hours are required for a minor in art history

Required (6 hrs): 
  • Design I: 2D (3 hrs)
  • Foundations of Drawing (3 hrs)
Select (12 hrs):
Students may select 12 hours from classes in gallery management, and art history in the following periods: "Prehistory to 1450"; "1450-1750"; "1750-1950" and "Since 1950".

Award winning group of artists, faculty, and scholars

Travel Opportunities


Career Opportunities

Requirements for Admission to Teacher Education

  • Earn a minimum quality point average of 2.75 overall, 2.75 in each teaching specialization and 2.75 in all professional education classes.
  • Complete Early Field Experience COMMUNITY Early Field Experience PDS requirements.
  • Achieve acceptable scores on the Core Academic Skills for Educators Test (CORE).
  • Complete EDUC 2200 (Introduction to Education) and EDUC 2201 (Instructional Technology) with a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Complete the Teacher Education Application form in Taskstream.
  • Be approved by the Teacher Education Selection Committee.

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