The Reading Specialist Certificate program prepares students to be pre K-Adult reading specialists who will offer literacy leadership and work with other educators to evaluate students' reading abilities, plan assessments, and provide appropriate reading and writing instruction. As Reading Specialists, graduates of Fairmont State's certificate program will have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to serve their schools and communities as resource persons and plan collaboratively and cooperatively with other professionals to offer programs for diverse populations of learners. Fairmont State's Reading Specialists will also demonstrate leadership as they advocate for children and families and provide professional development opportunities at the local and state levels.

The Reading Specialist Certificate Program provides the opportunity for students across the region to earn credits toward a Reading Specialist Certificate via the Internet. Please refer to the "Program of Study Components" below for information on how specific courses are delivered (face-to-face, online or hybrid).

The School of Education's program gives current teachers the chance to earn an advanced degree that not only will serve them well in the classroom, but also provide them with opportunities for career advancement.