B.S. Business Administration -- Hospitality Management Major

Additional General Studies** Requirements (26 hours required -- See Note Below) 26 hours
Business Common Core* (33 hours required -- See Note Below) 33 hours
AAS Food Service Management (Culinary Specialization)

64 hours

Hospitality Management Major Requirements: (6 hours required)  
  Business 4440 Hospitality Management Internship 3 hours
  Economics 2200 Economics 3 hours


6 hours



129 hours


*Students in the Hospitality Management program are NOT required to take the following Business Core courses:  Economics 2201; Economics 2201; Management 2209; Marketing 2204.  They are required to take the remaining 33 hours of the Core.

**Students complete 18 hours of the Liberal Studies Requirements as a part of their AAS in Food Service Management.  Therefore they have only 26 additional hours required.