B.S. Degree in Allied Health Administration


This is a comprehensive program, which is designed to provide health professionals with the education to become administrators in health care agencies.  The curriculum is directed toward developing the management, problem-solving, finance, and interpersonal skills that are necessary for careers in a variety of health care organizations.  An additional intent of the program is to provide career advancement opportunities for those who are already employed in health care organizations.


To be eligible for admissions to the Bachelor of Science Program in Allied Health Administration, a student must have an associate degree in a healthcare field from an accredited college.  Requirements includes General Studies courses, degree requirements, and a core curriculum, which encompasses accounting, management, problem solving, and allied health courses.


Students wishes to enroll in the Allied Health Administration courses are encouraged to complete the General Studies requirements and required support courses prior to enrolling in the ALLH core courses.  Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all required courses.


As of Fall 2017, the Allied Health Administration program will become Healthcare Management.  

Students currently enrolled in the Allied Health Administration program will still have Allied Health Administration listed on their degree.  Any student who enrolls in the program as of Fall 2017 will be transitioned into the Healthcare Management program.  If you have any questions, please contact program coordinator Ashley Tasker at 304-367-4889 or ashley.tasker@fairmontstate.edu


Employment Opportunities

As the backbone of healthcare systems, healthcare administrators take on the duties of overseeing vast expanses of medical personnel.  As the structure and financing of the healthcare industry changes, healthcare administrators must be able to adapt to new environments.  A projected employment growth of 17%, higher than average for all occupations, is expected in the industry over the next decade.  This program is designed to help you acquire the leadership and management skills necessary to become a competent mid-level administrator within your organization.