B.S. Accounting *

General Studies (44 hours required) 44 hours
Business Common Core (45 hours required) 45 hours
Accounting Major Requirements: (36 hours required)  
  Accounting 3301 Intermediate Accounting I 3 hours
  Accounting 3302 Intermediate Accounting II 3 hours
  Accounting 3325 Intermediate Accounting III 3 hours
  Accounting 3330 Advanced Accounting I 3 hours
  Accounting 3331 Advanced Accounting II 3 hours
  Accounting 3350 Accounting Information Systems 3 hours
  Accounting 4404 Cost Accounting 3 hours
  Accounting 4405 Auditing 3 hours
  Accounting 4406 Federal Income Tax Accounting: Individual 3 hours
  Accounting 4407 Federal Income Tax Accounting: Partnership and Corporation 3 hours
  Accounting 4410 Case Studies in Accounting 3 hours
  Business 3307 Business Law II 3 hours


36 hours

Electives** (See Note Below)    3 hours


128 hours

*Individuals filing an initial application to sit for the exam in West Virginia must have completed a total of 150 semester hours of post-secondary education and received a baccalaureate or higher degree from a college recognized by the WV State Board of Accountancy (WVSBOA). The total education program shall include an accounting concentration and business courses defined by the WVSBOA.  The 150 credit hour program is available through the School of Business.  Students wishing to sit for the CPA exam should meet with their advisor early in their program to structure their course work in compliance with the WVSBOA requirements.


**Students who complete MATH 1112 (or higher) and ECON 2201 as a part of their liberal studies requirements will have a total of 9 hours of elective.