Presidential Search Finalists

Presidential Candidate Evaluation

This form is in Word.  If you prefer to submit this electronically, please complete this form in Word, save it and email the saved file as an attachment to  (To mark a bullet, highlight it, and mark it with an “x.”)  You may also complete the form in pen, scan as a PDF and email.  Responses will be compiled and provided to your group representative for presentation at the search committee meeting on Thursday, April 26.

Evaluation Form for Dr. Timothy O’Rourke


Evaluation Form for Dr. Maria Rose



 Dr. Timothy G. O’Rourke Dr. Maria C. Rose
Dr. Timothy G. O’Rourke
More Information
(Letter, Vitae, Visitation Schedule)

Dr. Maria C. Rose
More Information
(Letter, Vitae, Visitation Schedule)

The Fairmont State University Presidential Search Committee, which is comprised of members of the FSU Board of Governors and Higher Education Policy Commission Chancellor Paul Hill, as ex-officio, has announced the final candidates for the presidency of the University.

“I am pleased to report that two outstanding final candidates have been selected,” said Ron Tucker, Chairman of the FSU Board of Governors. “We are extremely happy with the quality of the final candidates whom we have selected – both have excellent credentials, and the campus community and the greater Fairmont area would be fortunate indeed to have either one lead the University.”
Finalists are Dr. Timothy G. O’Rourke, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, Va., and Dr. Maria C. Rose, Interim President, Fairmont State University, Fairmont, W.Va. Their cover letters and curricula vitae are posted above. A third candidate was selected by the Search Committee as a final candidate, but that person withdrew from consideration.

“The campus visitation schedules are being finalized and will be posted on the FSU web site in the coming days. The schedules will include meetings with a variety of key stakeholders throughout the University family and the community,” Tucker said.