Quick Guide to HTML Basics

This guide was designed to help with the formatting of syllabus’, course descriptions, outlines, etc. for WebCt documents. These are basic HTML codes that will allow you to easily format a document to be viewed over the internet. GOOD LUCK !!


Code: Name and what it Does: What it looks like on the web:
<strong>HTML</strong> Bold Text – Makes whatever it’s around BOLD HTML
<em>HTML</em> Emphasis Tag - Makes whatever it’s around ITALIC HTML
<u>HTML</u> Underlines whatever it’s around HTML
<title></title> Document Title – briefly describes document information N/A
<br> Line Break – forces a line break in the online text flow
Ex:When<br>breaks are<br>placed like<br>this,<br>your text<br>will<br>look<br>like this.
breaks are
placed like
your text
like this.


<a href=”http://www2.fairmontstate.edu”>fsc</a>
<a href=mailto:youremail.com> Your email.com</a>

The <a href=””>…..</a> tag links one web resource to another. You can link to another website, or a person’s email by using the tags to the left. N/A
<hr size=”1”> Horizontal Rule – draws a horizontal line across the page, by changing the size of the rule determines the thickness of the line. N/A
<p>This is paragraph #1. Info info info info. Info info info info info info</p>
<p>This is paragraph #2. Info info info info. Info info info info info info </p>
Paragraph – breaks up text into content blocks

This is paragraph #1. Info info info info. Info info info info info info

This is paragraph #2. Info info info info. Info info info info info info

One person had this to say: <blockquote>”A man who knows not how to write may think this is no great feat.”</blockquote> Quote Style – Sets off long quotations or citations One person had this to say:
“A man who knows not how to write may think this is no great feat”
<center></center> Center tag – Centers text placed between center tags in the document. N/A

<ol><li>Peanut butter<li>Chocolate Chips<li>Butter</ol>
Ordered List <ol></ol> – makes a numbered list of elements

List item <li> - marks a member item within a list of any type
  1. Peanut butter
  2. Chocolate Chips
  3. Butter
<ul><li>Peanut butter<li>Chocolate Chips<li>Butter</ul> Unordered List <ul></ul> - makes a bulleted list of elements
  • Peanut butter
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Butter





Headings – identifies first through sixth level headings, 1 being the largest size and 6 being the smallest.








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Blackboard and Big Blue Button outage

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 4:18pm -- by Joanie Raisovich

Update: Both systems are available again, as of 6:30.

We are currently experiencing an outage for Blackboard and Big Blue Button. Our hosting provider is aware of the situation, and they are working on the problem. The outage began around 4:05 this afternoon.

IT will post an update here when we have further details. 

Big Blue Button outage

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 1:06pm -- by Joanie Raisovich

We experienced a Big Blue Button outage from Friday evening on August 29 through the afternoon of September 2.

If you attempted to save a recording during this time window, there is a chance the recording was lost.

WVNET has made changes to the system to address the problem. Please contact the Teaching and Learning Commons at 304-367-4810 if you have questions.

Partnership with WVNET to provide 24/7 Blackboard assistance

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 10:18am -- by Joanie Raisovich

We are excited to begin offering 24/7 Blackboard support for faculty and students through a partnership with WVNET. We have contracted with WVNET to supplement our current support by offering evening and weekend Blackboard assistance.

Please continue to contact the Teaching & Learning Commons during our normal business hours, and contact WVNET for assistance outside those hours. WVNET will be able to support Blackboard questions only; all other questions should be directed to the Teaching & Learning Commons as usual.

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