Bridgeport, West Virginia
High School: 
Bridgeport High School
Why Attend?: 

It was my decision to attend Fairmont State University not only because it is close to home, but because it appealed to me the most out of all the other colleges I considered. The enrollment of students at Fairmont may be expanding a great deal, but it is still much smaller as compared to West Virginia University and Marshall University. I prefer the “smaller” college atmosphere because it allows me to contact my instructors with more ease and I don’t feel like just another number. I actually feel like my instructors care about my development.

Most Surprised: 

It never really hit me how many people actually attend Fairmont State until I finally experienced my first day. I realized this when I had a difficult time finding a place to park in the morning and when I saw the influx of people entering and exiting the Falcon Center. I am also surprised with the age range of the people that are in my class. I was aware that people beyond their teen years went to college, but it never really hit me how many actually did. Depending on what your class is, there could be students ranging from eighteen to thirty years old, sometimes older than that.


So far, my experience with the honors program has been somewhat surprising. I think it’s fair to say that I wasn’t the only one to think the same thing. Not knowing if I was left out of the loop on summer reading assignments prior to our first seminar, I was greatly relieved when I found out that wasn’t the case. Overall, my first impression of the class is on the positive side and looking up. To any new student entering the honors program, I recommend going to the honors luau because it’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with most of the honors students.


To any upcoming freshman choosing a college, really think about not only educational opportunities and notoriety, but focus on what your preferences are. Visit a few colleges and get familiar with what they have to offer. If the feeling you get is short of encouraging, you may want to reconsider where you want to attend. Also consider the size of the campus and the number of students enrolled. It’s always nice to be able to go to your instructors and get some help if you need it.

Difference between courses: 

Although I did not take any honors courses in high school, it is still fair to say that there is a great difference in amount of work and thought that needs to be put forth into your assignments. With proper time management and study skills, honors will be much easier and more forgiving on your GPA. So far, I am doing just fine with all of my classes, especially honors, and I have time to relax because of time management.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260