Fairmont, West Virginia
High School: 
East Fairmont High School
Why Attend?: 

The reason I chose to go to Fairmont State is because it had a better business program than WVU. Another reason for choosing this school is for the teacher/student ratio. I like small classrooms with a close relationship to the instructor. Fairmont State is a much smaller campus than WVU allowing for fewer opportunities to get lost. Since I live in Fairmont, it saves on commuting and room and board.

Most Surprised: 

Since I have arrived at Fairmont State, the thing that has surprised me the most is how different it is from high school in the sense of cliques. In high school, everyone is separated depending on who hangs out with whom. In college, so far, I have noticed that everyone gets along with not much separation. It’s surprising because the people haven’t really changed just the environment. It makes me feel more comfortable when making new friends.


So far in the Honors Program I have met some really friendly people. This has made it easier to know my way around campus. It has also helped with meeting new people. Always having someone to go to whenever you need anything is a relief to an incoming freshman. The Honors Program helps to prevent you from becoming an outcast. Everyone has something in common in this program and so it makes you feel more welcome.


I would advise to any high school senior that is beginning the process of choosing a college to really look at what the college has to offer. It isn’t just about the popularity of a school or the look of it; it’s about where your major is offered and which school will go about getting you that major in the best possible way. There are other factors involved, such as the commute and the cost, but you need to feel comfortable wherever you go.

Difference between courses: 

Not yet, mainly because I took honors and AP courses in high school. The format so far has been the same. The workload has increased a little but nothing major from the upper courses in high school.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260