Homecoming 2014

Fairmont State University Homecoming 2014: Falcon Impact

Each day, our Fairmont State alumni, students, faculty and staff make an impact in their community.
They work as nurses, police officers, architects, and teachers. They volunteer at food pantries, domestic violence shelters, community development organizations, and children’s clubs. This year’s Homecoming is about celebrating and recognizing those who make a difference without fanfare or expectation of reward. They act because it is important and they recognize the value in impacting their community.

Selfies in Service

Want to show us your impact? In the months leading up to Homecoming, we will celebrate the impact our alumni, students, faculty and staff made through our “Selfies in Service” initiative. Upload photos of you volunteering or on the job to our gallery below, or via Twitter and Facebook using #SelfiesinService.  We will share your photos on social media leading up to Homecoming and select photos will be showcased on the scoreboard during FSU’s Homecoming football game.

James Jesmer and Makenzie Mcclure

The Student Government Homecoming Candidates Spent Their Weekend how, you ask? Campaigning on the Back of a Mighty T-rex of Course! Vote James Jesmer and Makenzie Mcclure for FSU Homecoming King and Queen.

Melanie Cinalli Yergovich

Jayenne Elementary School Administrative Assistant


It's homecoming week at Fairmont State! Let's make the impact right! #selfiesinservice with some of these beautiful ruggers! #fairmontstate #womensrugby #rugby

James Jesmer

beyond a normal selfie

Iris Canfield

Make Marion County Shine

Amy Raines

Third grade teacher Amy Raines-Jayenne Elementary



Dale Dzielski

Fairmont State grad Dale Dzielski rings bells for Salvation Army.

Student Government

Mitch, Noah, and Brad helping with Make Marion County Shine. #falconimpact #selfiesinservice @MitchFSU @noahjweber

Stephanie Blickenstaff

Third grade teacher Stephanie Blickenstaff - Jayenne Elemtary

Aaron, Butch & Skip

Skip presents major contribution to Honor Flight 2014

Jennifer Westfall

Residence Life helping to make Marion County shine! #selfiesinservice #fairmontstate #homecoming2014 @Residence_Life

Iris Canfield

Iris & Jackie with Make Marion County Shine

Shante Renee

#selfiesinservice #deltazeta #dzlam #FSUTwitter #FSUTwitter #homecoming2k14

Devon Neptune & Leighanne Michael

Teachers Devon Neptune & Leighanne Michael with Nicholas Fantasia and Jaleel Law

Residence Life

Residence Life helping Student Government college food for the Nest Saturday #SelfiesinService http://ow.ly/i/77JuU

Shay Fitch

Shay Fitch with Make Marion County Shine

Mitch Moore

SGA raffled off a basket today @_FalconFootball game! Made $250 for our students on a rainy day #selfiesinservice


Helping Keith pump gas. Haha! :) #Selfiesinservice #fairmontstateuniversity #DeltaXiOmicronperspectivemember

Scott Morris

Principal - Jayenne Elementary


I just want to take a minute to say thank you to Jake Nelson for giving me this awesome opportunity! Me and my sisters, regardless of who we are representing, always show the best side of ourselves.

Amy Sidwell

Mary Kinkelaar, Brandi Adkins, Dr. Amy Sidwell, Hannah Wolfe, & Michael Fountain planning Health Education at Oliver Ave. Park.



Ed Nutter

Ed Nutter at the 2014 Bridgeport Safety Fair Fire Extinguisher demonstration with the Harrison County CERT. Photo by: Tyler Max

Amber Snyder

#SelfiesinService #FSU #AST #TKE

Emily Swain

Tyler Hawkins and Emily Swain sell lemonade for the Gavin Strong Fund.

Jackie Fitch

Jackie Fitch, creator of Make Marion County Shine

Butch Phillips

Butch as Guardian with his Veteran Frank Iaquinto (WWII) at WWII Memorial

Becky Phillips

Becky Phillips (65) with veterans in Washington, D.C. - May 10, 2014

Jeffrey Coe

Selfie at a Jorge Mas Canosa Foundation fund-raiser event in support of Cuban immigrant children college funds. MasTec Construction on Miami is a client.

Amy Jones

Amy Jones - Title I teacher (Jayenne Elementary)

Charles Lawler, Mary Jo THomas and Butch Phillips

Fairmont State grads, Charles Lawler, Mary Jo THomas and Butch Phillips raise funds at Celebration of Lights for United Way of Marion County.

Black Student Union


FSU/Pierpont ResLife

#selfiesinservice @Residence_Life getting ready for Scare Fair on 10/29

Allie Swiger

#SelfiesinService #AlphaSigmaTau #communityservice

Delta Xi Omicron Candidates

Delta Xi Omicron Candidates, their escorts and other representatives at Marion Co Make It Shine Downtown cleanup

Jessie Sharps

Chris Sharps '06 and Jessie Sharps (FSU Employee) travel to Washington D.C. with 28 youth from the Fairmont community.

Wendy Wolfe

Third Grade teacher Wendy Wolfe and student Zycheus Dobbs

Sara Park


Jan Kiger

Checking out possible rail trail options in Fairmont #selfiesinservice #fairmontstate

Edmund Explorer

Coopers Rock Cliff Habitat Restoration today. Lots of #FairmontState students. #SelfiesinService

Carole Wade

My mother and me -- I am a proud "Outstanding Alumna of the Year 2007" -- donating the cookbook "Appalachian Cookery" to preserve.

Leighanne Michael

Leighanne Michael with students Jeffrey Swain and Ella Egidi --Jayenne Elementary

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