Students who are interested in the Fairmont State University Mathematics program can choose among three degrees.  They include:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, as preparation for immediate employment or for graduate school
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education degree with a 5-Adult comprehensive specialization as preparation
  • for teaching mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education degree with 5-9 teaching specialization

Mathematics faculty members teach algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and beginning calculus. Students are expected to develop and communicate mathematic ideas orally and in writing. 

The skills Mathematic majors master at Fairmont State can be applied to problems in:

  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Computer science
  • Actuarial science
  • Statistics
  • Most areas of inquiry

All students majoring in mathematics must complete a minor. Students who are receiving a teaching certificate generally use Education as their minor.

Career Opportunities

Mathematics graduates work diverse employers like the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Navy, banking,manufacturing, chemical, computer, and statistics firms. Nearly all recent graduates who are not in graduate school have found employment in mathematics or related fields. Mathematics majors can work in:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Cryptography
  • Computer science
  • Biomathematics
Model Schedule(s): 

Program Faculty Profiles


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“Even though Fairmont State has a relatively small math department, it still offers a broad selection of higher level courses such as Number Theory, Real Analysis, Topology, and Abstract Algebra.  All of these courses helped provide a good foundation for my graduate level studies.”

Frank Muldoon, Mathematics Major, Graduated in 2007, Pursuing Doctorate

Contact Info

Dr. Anthony F. Gilberti, Dean
Fairmont State University
College of Science and Technology
302C Engineering Technology Building
Phone: 304.367.4642
E-Mail: agilberti@fairmontstate.edu