Chemistry Program


From Chemical Principles I to Biochemistry, the classes and curriculum required for a Chemistry degree at Fairmont State University are approved by the American Chemical Society.  Students who choose the Chemistry program are promised the following:

  • Small class sizes
  • Innovative teaching approaches
  • Access to research quality tools

Fairmont State University Chemistry instructors focus on the fundamentals of modern chemistry. They’re also committed to making sure students can apply those chemistry fundamentals to computers, mathematics, biology and physics.

Students can work toward any of three Chemistry degrees. They are:

  • B.A.  in Education with Chemistry teaching field
  • B.S. in Chemistry
  • B.S. in Chemistry with an emphasis in biotechnology

Chemistry undergraduates from Fairmont State University often choose to attend graduate school to study chemistry or chemical engineering.  The Chemistry program is also a great start for students who are interested in medical, dental, veterinary or physical therapy programs.

Career Opportunities

Chemistry graduates are competent in the lab skills required of a practicing chemist. They develop a foundation required for chemical professionals. The chemistry, communication and analytical skills they develop make them perfect for professions in:

  • Organic, surface, physical, and atmospheric chemistry
  • Plastics and polymer
  • Forensic science
  • Education
  • Hazardous waste management