SciTech Faculty - Anthony F. Gilberti

Gilberti, Anthony F.
College of Science and Technology
Department of Technology
B.S. Fitchburg State College
M.S. Eastern Illinois University
Ph.D. University of Maryland

Tony Gilberti has been a professor and member of the graduate faculty at Fairmont State University since 2007. He obtained a B.S in Industrial Arts Education from Fitchburg State College in 1982. A M.S. degree in Technology Education was earned in 1983, and Tony obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1989. Tony was previously employed at St. Cloud State University and Indiana State University. Tony is internationally known for his work in Technology Education and has previously served as a President and past board member of the International Technology Education Association. Tony has worked on a number of nationally funded research grants to promote success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. He has a very extensive list of publications to his credit, and is currently the principal investigator in two major research projects with NASA. Among his long list of honors, Tony was awarded the Distinguished Technology and Engineering Educator designation by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association as well as the Technology Educator of the Year.  Tony spends his leisure time with his wife Janet. They both enjoy taking care of their horses and riding on the Harley.

What have you learned while teaching at Fairmont State?: 

I have learned that we have a wonderful group of faculty and students here at Fairmont. There are numerous opportunities for faculty and students to engage in undergraduate research experiences, and this makes our institution unique.

What do your students like best about your class?: 

Much of the class time is filled up with ‘conversation’ instead of lecture. Students often remark that the classes are interesting and it always seems like we are just conversing with each other.