SciTech Faculty - Andreas Baur

Baur, Andreas
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Department of Biology, Chemistry and Geoscience
Dr. rer. nat. University of Regensburg

I was born in 1968 in Neuburg an der Donau (Germany, ) and received all my education in Germany. I am still a German citizen. I am married and have one son. After I received my doctorate in chemistry in 1997 from the University of Regensburg (Germany, URL for the city: , URL for the university: ) I spent 1 _ years at UCLA performing post-doctoral research and starting teaching at the college level. After a year at the California State University at Fresno as a full-time lecturer I was hired at Fairmont State as a tenure-track professor in 1999. In my spare time I like to garden and to cook. I also enjoy reading.

What have you learned while teaching at Fairmont State?: 

A lot - here are just a few examples: o During the last five years it became very obvious to me that a clear communication of expectations in a class is essential. In addition, assessment and testing need to be aligned to these expectations. As a result our chemistry curriculum went to outcome-based teaching and testing. o I also learned that the whole (the institution and instruction) can be only as good as the parts (faculty, staff). Therefore I work very hard to make Fairmont State a better place for my students. o Teaching is generating an open-minded and safe environment that fosters learning.

What do your students like best about your class?: 

Here are some student responses about me from an anonymous online survey for Organic Chemistry (Spring 2004): Dr. Baur is an excellent teacher! His teaching methods are incredibly beneficial to the student who is willing to put forth the effort required in a class like this. Dr. Baur is the man! He is very intelligent and willing to help. A little lecture was nice and the quizzes helped so much. I think Dr. Baur was a very good teacher overall. You can tell he is enthusiastic and is really trying to teach his students. You can tell he put a lot of hard work into this class. I like being able to work on self-test questions while in class, that way if we have any questions, we can ask him.

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