SciTech Adjunct Faculty - Lyvon "Beth" Thompson

Lyvon "Beth" Thompson
Adjunct Instructor
Biology, Chemistry, GeoScience

I received my B.S. in chemistry from Fairmont State in 1999.  I also completed some graduate work at Penn State University in chemistry.  I have taught chemistry labs as well as Science That Matters at FSU.  In addition, I teach chemistry and pre-algebra for an online private school, home school my own 4 children, and tutor in various math and science courses. 

What have you learned while teaching at Fairmont State?: 

I have learned to value all types of talents and abilities.  Everyone has something at which he or she can excel and it is important to appreciate those characteristics. 

What do your students like best about your class?: 

Students like that I try to apply every science lesson to a real-life application.  They also like my friendly, conversational style of teaching.

B.A. Fairmont State University